Twisted Silver’s new Lockit necklace

The new “Lockit” necklace from Twisted Silver offers a charming vintage skeleton key on a fine, long chain. One of the fabulous things about Twisted Silver’s jewelry is that, in some cases, it can worn more than one way. The new “Lockit” necklace from Twisted Silver is a great piece in that it can be worn long or short with the chain doubled.

The “Lockit” necklace offers a vintage vibe in fall’s hottest metal color. This beautiful piece can easily be worn with casual outfits, jeans and dresses when worn long. When doubled, the “Lockit” necklace becomes flirty and can easily be worn with evening outfits and dressier dresses.

The vintage key and brass coloration looks amazing with cool weather fabrics as we move towards winter such as with velvet, silk and cashmere.

The “Lockit” necklace by Twisted Silver can be found online starting today at The necklace is priced at $30. Use coupon code INSIDERS for a 15% discount. Happy shopping and stay fabulous 

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Photos: “Lockit” necklace c/o Twisted Silver