Chanel Diwali nail polish for summer 2012 from the Bombay Express de Chanel collection

Chanel’s limited edition summer capsule collection, “Bombay Express de Chanel” includes a sparkling and luxurious nail polish; Diwali. Diwali is a shimmering golden nail lacquer which has a slight silver undertone.

Diwali nail polish by Chanel is perfect for the summer 2012 season; as well as into fall 2012. One of the biggest trends of the season is sparkling metallics. Metallics are being shown in everything including accessories, apparel and make-up. Since metallic touches are still important moving into fall 2012, Diwali is a great traditional nail polish from the summer season into the warm, early fall months.
Diwali nail polish from Chanel is also an easy way to wear fall 2012’s black and yellow gold trend before the temperatures begin to dip in September. The pale golden nature of Diwali nail polish by Chanel blends well with both yellow gold and silver-tone clothing, accessories and jewelry. This makes Diwali and easy choice for rocking the gold trend without trying too hard 

“Bombay Express de Chanel” includes more than the sparkling golden Diwali nail polish. This special collection includes Route Des Indes De Chanel which is an illuminating power with shimmer, a pale orange-pink powder blush and matching Rouge Coco Shine sheer lipstick.

Diwali is part of the special, limited edition collection “Bombay Express de Chanel” and can only be found at Chanel boutiques or online at This special edition nail polish from Chanel is priced a tad higher than Chanel’s regular nail polish collection. Diwali has been priced at $30. Perhaps all the glistens really is gold? Or, all that glistens are fabulous fingertips painted with Diwali. 

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