Espadrille wedges for the summer beach season

Summer 2012 is here and the beach season has arrived. One of the biggest challenges a Fashionista faces when going to the beach is walking on the sand. If the beach day is planned with beach games, swimming, surfing and play, then shoes are not a huge issue. If the beach day is more of a party event such as a wedding or dinner on the sand, shoes become a huge issue.

Walking on the sand can be a huge challenge; especially if you are dressed up for an event. Sand tends to go inside the shoes and walking seems more difficult than training on the Stairmaster at a high speed. Thankfully the espadrille shoe was invented in the fourteenth century and was originally used for walking on dirt and sand. The natural nature of the espadrille makes it the perfect shoe for walking on sand; therefore the ultimate beach shoe.

Of course, if you are attending an event on the beach, you may want more than just a flat espadrille. Wedges are hot for summer 2012 and so is the espadrille wedge. This trend is a fabulous one since there are enormous amounts of espadrille wedges on the market for the summer 2012 season.

Espadrille wedges for summer 2012 are being found in every style imaginable and for every occasion a Fashionista will attend this summer season. Espadrille wedges are being found on store shelves in metallic leather, bright, colorful fabrics, exotic skins, glitter fabric and patent leather.

The modern version of the espadrille, including espadrille wedges, includes a wax or material sole which allows for the shoe to go from the beach to the street. This makes the espadrille wedge a great shoe for the summer and also for any beach vacation. Love this!

We found a few fabulous espadrille wedges online and assembled them into the Polyvore set below. Hope you love them! Happy shopping and stay fabulous 

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