Laura Mercier Organza nail polish from Cinema Noir for fall 2012 review

Laura Mercier has released their hot new fall 2012 make-up collection “Cinema Noir” and I had to give the new, sparkling nude shade “Organza” a whirl. “Organza” is a sheer nude polish with gold sparkles which is perfect for the upcoming fall 2012 season.

Fall 2012 is all about nude nails and brown nails. In addition to nail polish colors, fall 2012 has many important trends; one of which is yellow gold. Yellow gold is huge for the fall 2012 season and Laura Mercier’s “Organza” is the perfect blend between the yellow gold trend and the nude nail polish trend.

The gold specks are eye catching and sparkle in both artificial and natural light. The sheer nude nature of the color allows the beauty of the natural nail to show through. I love the natural effect of Laura Mercier’s “Organza” combined with the dazzle of the gold sparkles!

“Organza” by Laura Mercier is perfect to wear now as well as during the fall 2012 season since the nail polish color is neutral and blends well with all colors and ensembles. It makes getting dressed in the morning a snap! Love that!

Laura Mercier’s “Organza” nail polish applies evenly and does not streak at all. In the below photo I used a base coat and two coats of “Organza” nail polish. I did not apply a top coat. The polish is long lasting, as one can expect from Laura Mercier’s fabulous line of nail lacquer.
The verdict is in! Laura Mercier’s “Organza” nail polish from the “Cinema Noir” make-up collection for the fall 2012 season received five out of five stars.

Priced at $18 each, Laura Mercier nail polish, including “Organza,” can be found at


Organza nail polish c/o Laura Mercier