The Lake necklace by Twisted Silver is the perfect investment for the season

Since blue has been declared the new black for spring 2013, and the popular hue is hot this summer 2012 as well as into fall 2012, it makes perfect sense that any intelligent Fashionista would want to invest in something blue! The new Lake necklace from Twisted Silver is an easy necklace to fal in love with, and since the piece features a blue tumbled glass pendant, the Lake necklace is perfect to wear now and into 2013.

The Lake necklace from Twisted Silver matches the Lake bracelet which was introduced by the Bay Area jewelry company earlier this year. Like the Lake bracelet, the necklace features a cool blue tumbled glass pendant which evokes the feeling of ice; almost like a personal souvenir of a glacier! The Lake necklace also features an antiqued brass chain and a suede loop which adds a modern lariat style to the piece.

The Lake necklace by Twisted Silver can be worn long, or worn doubled for a shorter style. This makes the Lake necklace versatile and fun to play with! The Lake necklace measures in at 30” long and weighs a mere 1.6 oz.

Twisted Silver’s Lake necklace is priced at $50 and is now online at Use coupon code INSIDERS for a 15% discount!


Photos courtesy of Twisted Silver

*We received a sample of the Lake necklace from Twisted Silver. We were not required to write about the necklace and receipt of the sample did not influence our opinion of the product. Everything in this article is the sole opinion of the writer and should be treated as such. For any questions, or more information, please see our disclaimer.