Hats are the ultimate accessory for the fall 2012 season

Ever since the Royal wedding where Kate Middleton married Prince William in a romantic, fairy-tale event, Fashionistas everywhere have been obsessed with the fascinators and hats worn by the wedding guests. While fashion-savvy shoppers ran out and purchased every fascinator they could get their hands since the famous wedding, the fascination with fascinators has leveled off and traditional hats have taken center stage.

Designers finished off their looks on the runways for the fall 2012 season with hats. With the incoming menswear trend and a return to more structured, polished dressing, it is no wonder that the traditional accessory known as the “Hat” has returned to the forefront of fashion. The question is, will hats make it from the runway to the streets?

Hats have been popping up on the streets, even before the fall season has officially kicked off. Fashionistas have been spotted wearing men’s hats, floppy sun hats and the occasional fascinator is still being spotted on the head of the utterly fashionable.

While hats are currently being favored by the more daring, style-setter types, it should be interesting to see if more understated Fashionistas take to the trend and treat hats as just another accessory to finish off an ensemble. Or, will the hat become a fleeting trend left in the trunk of cars as women decide they are more annoying than chic? Only time will tell, as for right now, it’s hats on ladies 


Photo courtesy of Pantone