Spring 2012 fashion trends for men: the bright suit

With the bright color trend in full swing for spring, it is no wonder that the trend translates into the world of men’s fashion. Normally found sporting black, navy or charcoal suits, men will be shying away from the boring suit of yesteryear and going full force into expressing their inner Male Fashion Maven by sporting bright and bold suits. That’s right, fashion forecasters, such as the ones at Pantone have declared that men will be bright this spring and summer. We can only hope.

Bright and colorful ties, shirts and handkerchiefs have already popped up in traditional black, navy and charcoal men’s suiting, but now, the color is transferring into the suit itself. It should be interesting to see if this trend ends up on the street. Will men push their traditional, boring suits which they have been wearing for the past thirty years into the back of their closets? Or will men laugh at this trend and continue to follow color trends with their tie, not their entire suit. It should be interesting to see if this trend takes to the street. 

What do you think? If you are a man, will you dare to go pink, yellow or some other bright hue or will you stick to navy blue? Ladies, do you want to see men as bright as you? Leave a comment below or join us on Facebook or Twitter to discuss!


Bright men’s suits for spring 2012. Photo courtesy of Pantone.