Exclusive interview with Bunny Fayne of Circle & Square

Bunny Fayne is the founder of Circle & Square; which happens to be one of the hottest boutiques in San Francisco. Circle & Square, which is located on tony Presidio street in San Francisco, offers new and emerging designers which are highly sought after by celebrities and Fashionistas alike.  Circle & Square also happens to have been the winner of the 2011 Bay List “Women’s Accessories” category! Bunny took the time to talk to me and share with our readers her inspiration and forward-thinking vision.

Cathy: What inspired you to open a shop dedicated to new designers?

Bunny: In no particular order…A respectable fear of failure. The desire to use whatever gift I have for seeing unique ways to interpret individual style. The breaking of rules is a very liberating thing, it allows you to make mistakes…the talent… comes in knowing which ones to use. And lastly… I’m a little crazy.

Cathy: What do you feel the must-have trend for summer is this year?

Bunny: Lace, Patchwork Designs, Chokers, Bibs, Big Earrings, Cuffs, Clutches, Shoulder Bags,Gemstones, Jewelry with Quotes, Retro to Minimalist.

Cathy: What have you found to be the hottest selling style this season for jewelry and for handbags?

Bunny: In Handbags: Fringe, Tribal, Stripes, Bucket Bags. In Jewelry: Drop Earrings, Bold Cocktail Rings, Statement Necklaces, anything with Feathers….Birds Beware!

Cathy: Is there one color that customers are flocking to this season?

Bunny: We live in San Francisco so Black Rules…but vivid jewel tones: Emerald, Rubies, Amethyst, Sapphire, going from water colors to desert. Metallic is Huge.

Cathy: What types of items do you have in-store that are not featured online?

Bunny: Prive Cashmere Vests, they are “Haut Eco” since they are parts of previously committed elements that are redesigned and Neckpieces made of 100% Egyptian Cotton, miniature curios, woven together to create a beautiful Necklace – Did I mention Pearls?

Cathy: How do you find so many amazing emerging designers?

Bunny: Various and sundry sources i.e. Fashion Indie, SFIndie, trade magazines such as Accessories, WWD, Schools, The Academy of Art, Fidm, going to student shows and constantly asking and reading everything pertinent to it! Always searching and listening. And of course, Bay Area Fashionista!

Cathy: Do you have designers that are high in demand from your customers?

Bunny: Without question: Susana Speidel, Adriana Castro, Aki Kano, Dareen Hakim, Jeanine Payer and David Heston.

Cathy: Do you have anything you would like people to know about Circle and Square that I haven’t touched on?

Bunny: I have such a warm spot in my heart for this Store…it takes on the personality traits of each person who shares that love for it. If the Store were a person…it would be described as possessing great Flair, Intelligence, Character, Charm, Independence, Style, but mostly… a Sense of Humor. We laugh a lot around here. “Living your Passion is what makes you Authentic”.

Circle & Square has a website where shoppers can find some of the latest and hottest items of the season. Shoppers can also order over the phone if an item they are looking for is in-store and not online. To learn more about Circle & Square, please visit circleandsquaresf.com


Photo: Bunny Fayne-Founder of Circle & Square

Photo courtesy of Circle & Square