Twisted Silver’s Love Knot earrings are hot for summer!

Twisted Silver has done it again! The Bay Area jewelry design house has created a sweet yet edgy pair of earrings for summer made with salvaged glass, Japanese pearls from the 1950’s. The edgy pearls make the Love Knot earrings classic and fresh. The deterioration on the pearls has been preserved to perfection adding an unusual dimension to the beads.

The Love Knot earrings from Twisted Silver offer versatility with the summer’s hottest trends from the runway. The feminine or”vintage” trend offers a perfect ensemble for the Love Knot earrings; accentuating the classic glass pearls. Due to the artistic appeal of the earrings, Twisted Silver’s Love knot earrings also work well with the current boho-chic trend from the runways. The brass metal brings the earrings down to earth allowing them to work well with jeans, casual attire and summer dresses. The glass pearls offer a bit of dressy sass allowing the earrings to be worn with semi-formal attire. Love it!

The Love Knot earrings from Twisted Silver can be found online at Use code INSIDERS for 15% off of your purchase! Happy shopping and stay fabulous