Men’s fall 2011 fashion trends: Red

The menswear ready-to-wear runway shows for fall 2011 have concluded with the exception of London Fashion Week which will occur February 18-23 2011. The Paris, New York, Berlin and Milan menswear fall fashion weeks all had one common theme that is safe to say will be an upcoming trend for men this fall; Red.

Red was seen splashed all over the menswear runways on everything imaginable from outerwear to pants, shirts, bags, belts, hats and shoes. Red was shown in two ways on the runway; tonal or paired with black. Although red was paired with other colors, there was a big red with black theme which gave male fashion fans a flashback to the 1980’s. The red and black pairing came in many forms such as a bold, horizontal stripped sweater from Dolce & Gabanna to a classic red peacoat with black pants on the Jill Sander runway. Louis Vuitton dressed their models in red pants, red pea coats and red clutches.

Another form of red which popped up on the runways was the red suit. The suit had a slim silhouette which had a reminiscent, new-wave vibe. The red suit was paired with a white shirt and appeared on the Louis Vuitton and Jill Sander runways.

The verdict is in! Red is hot for fall according the menswear runways. February is also a good month to find a red item for your wardrobe since red is a popular Valentine’s Day color. If you do not already own something red, why not invest in a red pea coat, red polo shirt or bold red suit? Red, although hot for fall 2011, is also considered a classic color and can be worn every season, making it a great color to invest in for the upcoming year.