Denim trends for spring 2011

Every time denim makes a big splash for a particular season, the smiles on Fashionistas in the Bay Area grow slightly larger. Denim is one of the fashion claims to fame we have here in the San Francisco Bay Area and it is no secret that we are proud of our denim history and how important denim has become over the last century to fashion around the world. Denim started its’ Bay Area history during the gold rush when Levi Strauss found the gold miners were in dire need of pants that were durable. Since the gold rush, Levi Strauss continually improved upon the pants and soon ventured into creating other types of garments using the thick fabric that was made stronger with the use of rivets; an innovation from Levi Strauss himself.

Fast forward to spring 2011 and denim is popping up, once again, on everything imaginable. Denim dresses, shirts, jackets, shoes and handbags are popping up on store shelves this spring with a vengeance. Interestingly enough, denim appeared on the spring 2011 ready-to-wear runways, but not with a large impact. Store buyers seem to understand that consumers love denim since it washes well, wears well and for some reason is incredibly flattering. Wonder if Levi Strauss knew back in the 1800’s that his pants would become the ultimate way for a woman to show off her, shall we say, derriere?

Denim pants for spring are popping up in several silhouettes; the skinny jean, wide leg jean, classic boot cut and the cropped skinny jean. In addition to pants, there are denim dresses in casual and structured styles; such as the structured, vintage 1940’s style by Lela Rose which offers a slim silhouette, cap sleeves and square neckline.

Denim shorts are being shown in short styles as well as Bermuda lengths and Prada even created a denim peacoat for spring. Handbags are sitting on store shelves in denim by designers such as Prada, Gucci, Christian Louboutin and Kooba have created denim handbags in varying styles for spring 2011 as well. Denim shoes are flying off of store shelves; Christian Louboutin created denim kitten heels for spring which are already creating a waiting list at Neiman Marcus.

The verdict is in! Denim is, once again, hot. So feel free to stock up on denim items, they are classic, easy to care for and part of Bay Area history. Love it! Happy shopping and stay fabulous 


Prada spring 2011 denim tote bage with detachable strap.
Photo: Prada