Spring 2011 handbag trends hot off the runway!

The New York, London, Paris and Milan ready to wear runways have ended for spring 2011, but the handbag and fashion trends reflected on the catwalk have only begun to make an impact. Let’s face it, Bay Area Fashionistas love a hot designer handbag. Women carry fabulous bags all over the Bay Area, from Chanel to Gucci to Louis Vuitton to Valentino to Balenciaga, the list goes on. Fashionistas in the Bay Area will carry a $4000 handbag while running out to Safeway in $5 flip flops from Target and workout clothes. For many women, it is not about the clothing, it is all about the handbag. 

Designer handbags generally reflect a Fashionistas personal style. A woman who carries a classic Chanel handbag is telling the world she is above the trends and looks for quality; an investment piece. Then there are the edgier yet still classic Fashionistas who live for Balenciaga handbags. Although edgy with tassels and hardware, BBags, as they are so lovingly called, are considered rather classic. The styles do not change from season to season, only the colors. Then there are the Fashionistas who have to have the current “IT” handbag of the moment. The runways have given “IT” bag girls something to look forward to for spring 2011. There were several distinct trends; some classic while other edgy with possible “IT” bag potential.

The top five handbag trends for spring 2011 are:

The north/south tote
The long shoulder strap

The small daytime clutch

The large soft hobo

The tassel

Louis Vuitton and Sonia Rykiel had the standout handbags during fashion week for spring 2011. The long shoulder straps coupled with large, dramatic tassels gave Fashionistas something to call their favorite sales associate about. Can we say waiting list anybody?

The long shoulder strap and the tassel are the “IT” bags off the runway. They should begin hitting the streets here in Silicon Valley, as well as around the globe, any minute now. Don’t do tassel’s or shoulder bags? Never fear! The north/south tote is perfect for work or the weekend. The small, daytime clutch is fabulous enough by itself yet practical enough to be paired with a tote for Fashionistas on the go. Not into it? The large soft hobo will give you that warm and fuzzy feeling, while being one of the more classic and practical handbag trends for spring 2011. Happy shopping and stay fabulous