Lex Designs: Hot Up and Coming Designer from Santa Cruz

Lex Designs is a hot, up and coming designer brand out of Santa Cruz, CA. Known nationally as a beach destination, hot surf spot and home to UC Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, Ca is actually an artistic city. The city is close enough to San Francisco and San Jose to remain connected to an International, metropolitan area, yet far enough south to maintain it’s own identity and provide natural inspiration for an artistic community. Due to Santa Cruz’s unique geographic location, creative roots and natural beauty it is no wonder that the artistic practice of fashion design would emerge from beach locale.

Alexis Meschi is the designer behind Lex Designs which creates wearable, fashion forward designs that are inspired by the trends as well as the Northern California lifestyle. Alexis describes herself as an “accidental fashion designer.” She found her passion when she began sewing and creating clothing and baby items for her three daughters. Alexis found she really enjoyed sewing and could not get enough of it, so she decided to try her hand at women’s clothing for herself. After trying out a few patterns, Alexis felt constrained and felt the need to create her own designs in order to sew exactly what she envisioned. She found sewing and designing to be her passion, so Alexis started a blog and began to share with the world what she had created and how she did it. Her blog became an instant hit and the traffic inspired Alexis to begin creating designs that she could share with other women through online and boutique sales.

Lex Designs creates easy and wearable fashions that are made from natural fabrics such as linen and cotton. Her designs can easily be worn all year long here in the Bay Area where the temperature ranges between 50 degrees and 90 degrees during the year. Lex Designs clothing can be worn alone during the warmer months and then paired with a fabulous, fashion forward Lex Designs sweatshirt when the fog rolls in and temperature cools down. Lex Designs creates the ultimate fashion for Bay Area Fashionistas as well as Fashionistas everywhere.


We would like to leave you with a wonderful quote from the designer herself:

“I love designing and sewing and am so grateful to be able to do what I love doing. I love fashion and style and expressing yourself through your dress. With it all, remember that it’s not the stuff that you have or wear that makes life important. In the end what we have or own doesn’t matter. What matters is our hearts and the way we love.

You don’t need money, status or influence to create something of beauty or substance. You need heart.”