Spirit Sox USA fundraiser review

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One-two-three-four! I can hear the crowd roar! Picture this: you are playing your favorite sport, and your team just won. Everyone in the audience is cheering for you and your team. While all eyes are on you, what are you wearing? Sure your team uniform is on point, but what socks are you wearing? They aren’t that old pair of gym socks, the pair with the hole and yellow tinge, from the back of your drawer you thought no-one would notice if you wore? Oh no, they are? Well, there is a fabulous way to fix this “sock problem” so that it never happens again!

There is a hot new company on the sport socks scene, and they are based right here in Silicon Valley. In the true spirit of entrepreneurship, Spirit Sox USA has taken sport socks to the next level. Instead of basic socks which match a sports team uniform, these socks offer a sport or team specific logo; and that isn’t even the best part. These socks can raise money for your team! Yup, you heard that right! Spirit Sox USA is a fabulous way to raise money for your sports team while looking like the true champions your team is filled with. Now, listen to that crowd roar!

Spirit Sox USA makes fundraising really easy. You can pick out a pair of socks in your teams colors, then add your logo; and when you sell them, your team reaps the benefit! In addition to raising money for your team or your school, Spirit Sox USA gives back 5% of it’s profits to schools in under-served areas. How fabulous is that!

I am really excited about this company; and thrilled to be the one to introduce it to you! The founder is someone I have know for many years and she is active in the community; as well as being an amazing person. Her company is all about giving back to the community; which makes it the ideal go-to place for team socks, and team fundraising. Love!

There are so many great ways to raise money with team socks from Spirit Sox USA. For example, during football season, the team always needs at least two pairs of sock for their uniform. My son plays Pop Warner, and they will need these socks for their regular uniform. In addition to their normal uniform socks, they will need a pink pair for October when football works hard to raise awareness and support for breast cancer research. The cheer team needs these socks too!

Team socks are great for both adult teams and kids teams. Teams can raise hundreds or even thousands of dollars for their team or school depending upon how many socks they sell. It is an amazing way to fundraise!

If you are on a team, or you have children on a team, or you are looking for a way to raise money for your school, check out Spirit Sox USA. I highly recommend them! You can learn more about Spirit Sox USA online at

I can’t wait to get my son’s socks for football season! Which team or school do you plan to fundraise for?

spirit sox usa review

Football game day colors


From top left: blue earrings / Golden State Warriors hat / Golden State Warriers women’s tee / Oakland Raiders hat / red earrings / custom “Football Mom” tote (must-have for us Pop Warner moms!) / San Francisco 49ers picnic backpack

Football season is in full swing! If you have been following me on Instagram, you may have noticed in my stories that my son is playing Pop Warner football this season. As someone who loves football, it is so much fun to see my son enjoying the sport; and I love watching him play!

My only challenge with football season is finding burgundy clothing to wear on game day in order to cheer him on. His team colors are burgundy and silver. I own one handbag in burgundy, one pair of booties, and one top. Only. One. Top. How is that possible??? So, every Sunday I wear that same top, which you can see in an outfit post here, with jeans and sneakers. I seriously need to up my game day fashion game!

My son’s football team has won every game so far this season. It looks like they are heading to a Pop Warner bowl game at the end of the month! I need to get some burgundy to show my support. Here are a few burgundy pieces on my wish list for football game day. I need an alternate to the shirt I keep wearing!

Burgundy football game day wish list:

If you are looking for game day colors for football, or the upcoming basketball season, many of the items in my shopping widget above come in a variety of colors. I am sure you will find your team’s colors in there! I plan to get some blue pieces to wear when I cheer on the Warriors. We have a great basketball team this year!

Pro-Football game-day gear:

Since I am not as thin as I was two years ago, my Raiders and 49ers shirts are not exactly what you would call, “the right size.” Shhh! Sooooooo, it looks like I will need to size up since the seasons are already in full swing, and I have nothing to wear! My wish list items are in the shopping widget above. If your pro-football teams are different than mine, I don’t judge. Feel free to click on the pictures, and you will find the items in your team of choice.

I also need to update my Warriors game day gear! Here are a few items I am looking at for the upcoming basketball season.

Basketball game-day gear:

Wish my son’s Pop Warner team luck! They have one more regular season game, and then it is bowl time! He is a second string lineman this season, but he has been getting some good play time. It is his first season, and he loves it, so next year maybe he will get even more play-time! There are a few players on his team who I can totally see in the NFL someday. I am so proud of his whole team! Wish them luck!

Which teams are you rooting for this football season? Are you excited for basketball season too?