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Cool spring summer mornings

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wearing: silver door knocker earrings / summer lipstick / white v-neck tee / vintage China necklace (one of a kind, similar here) / blue and white stripe waterfall cardigan / black snake belt / classic cut jeans / Gucci bag / summer nail polish / gold ring / floral print wedge espadrilles /

This time of year we have fog at night, and in the mornings. This means it can be in the 50’s during the morning hours, and then rise up into the 70’s during the day. When we have such large temperature swings, it is important to dress in layers in order to combat the cool morning fog, and be prepared for warm, afternoon spring weather.

Anyone who lives in the Bay Area knows to wear layers! Layers are the easiest way to live with fog which burns off, then rolls back in when you least expect it. I love this waterfall cardigan for foggy days such as these. It is perfect for combating the morning fog, and it is easy to take off when the fog rolls back out towards the Pacific. Since it’s thinner than a sweater or jacket, it can easily fold up and get stuffed into a handbag, or carried around. Love it!

I wore this outfit last week when picking up breakfast pastries at 85 degrees. They have the yummiest pastries which are great for breakfast or lunch. It was really fun grabbing a box-full for my family to share. When paired with warm tea or coffee, 85 Degrees pastries are perfect for a cool foggy morning! Love them!

Shop my cool spring summer morning outfit:

What is your favorite way to combat the fog during the late spring, early summer months?

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Mother’s Day bonding with Soma

soma mothers day pajamas soma pajamas mothers day cool nights collection soma pajamas mothers day spring 2019

wearing: blue white floral pajama dress / blue white floral pajama dress / blue white floral pajama dress /

May is the busiest month of the year. I find it to be more hectic than December; in the middle of the holiday rush. It is almost ironic that Mother’s Day falls in the middle of the month when most of us Moms with school-age children are rushing around, being in three places at once, and are downright exhausted! Since May is so hectic, I am always looking for ways to relax, and spend some quality time with my children. After all, they are the reason I am a Mom! Haha

One of the ways I enjoy relaxing, is having what we call in our house a pajama party! Pajama parties are a favorite in my household. A pajama party is when we are done leaving the house for the day, so we can all get into our pajamas. While wearing our pajamas, we enjoy dinner, watch TV together, play board games, and talk. There is something comforting about wearing pajamas’ especially those made by Soma. They are soft, comfortable, and no fuss. We love pajamas!

We take our pajamas seriously in this house. So when my daughters first spotted me wearing Soma pajamas, they instantly wanted a pair too. They really love how soft the fabric is, and they enjoy all the fun prints on Soma pajamas. So for this Mother’s Day, we are sporting Soma’s latest pajama collection, and having a pajama party!

soma pajamas mothers day

I am a huge fan of Soma’s sleep sets which include a sleep tee, PJ bottoms, and a face mask. My middle child enjoys stealing my face mask, and wearing Soma pajama shorts or dresses. My teen daughter also loves Soma’s pajama dresses, shorts, and pant sets. We are Soma pajama superfans!

Now, we just need to find the perfect movie to watch during our Mother’s Day pajama party. Any suggestions?

Shop for the perfect Mother’s Day pajamas blue white floral pajama dress.

Which Soma pajamas are your favorite?

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Soma Vanishing Strapless Bra: the ultimate lifesaver

soma vanishing strapless bra

Pictured: c/o Soma Vanishing Strapless Bra /

Raise your hand if you have tried to wear a top, a dress, or a jumpsuit which featured a fabulous neckline; yet your neckline did one thing which was not fabulous, it did not cover your bra straps. I don’t know how many times I have shied away from wearing something because my bra straps would show. Now, don’t get me started on how 99.9% of strapless bras on the market slide down. Oh the dreaded sliding down of the bra! Eeek!

Then there is the other nightmare that happens with strapless bras; how many times have you purchased a strapless bra, been excited it stays up, only to find it gives you back fat? Oh the horror! There is nothing worse than back fat; especially when you don’t actually have back fat. The strapless bras that stay put, tend to give a person back fat; not a good trade off!

Thankfully my favorite intimates brand has come to the rescue! Soma has invented a strapless bra that not only stays up all day, it does not create back fat! Love! In fact, it is engineered to smooth down your back. So even if you do have back fat, like yours truly (shh-don’t tell anyone!), no-one will ever know! Ha!

Of course, Soma invented this technology years ago, but in 2019, they improved upon it; and perfected it. This is an advanced bra! How do they do it you ask? Well, the seamless edges create a smooth transition from our backs, to the bra. This innovative construction eliminates the back fat effect inferior bras cause. The bra also has improved recovery, and zones, which are designed to smooth down our sides. Love this engineering!

soma vanishing strapless bra variations multiple variations soma vanishing strapless bra

Pictured: back and front adjustable notches-place your straps where your neckline needs them!

In addition to working hard as the perfect strapless bra, the Soma Vanishing Strapless Bra also has detachable straps, so it is convertible! Love that! There are several notches, strategically placed in the front, and the back, of the bra. This enables you to place the straps where you need them if you have a halter top, one-shoulder top, or any type of interesting neckline. Love this!

I am so excited about the new Soma Vanishing Strapless Bra! It has launched at the perfect time of year. As we head into warmer weather, we will all want to wear thinner straps, off-the-shoulder tops, and perhaps even strapless tops and dresses. It is essential we all have the perfect strapless bra in our undergarment arsenal. This will allow all of us to wear anything we want; without the worry of straps showing, or unnecessary back fat ruining our ensembles. Bring on the fabulous necklines!

You can find Soma’s Vanishing Strapless Bra online here.

soma vanishing bra and panties

Pictured: c/o Soma Vanishing Strapless Bra / c/o Soma Vanishing Edge Hipster panties /

Want to find something else equally fabulous? SOMA also has Vanishing Edge Panties which are perfect when wearing thin fabric shorts or pants this spring season. These revolutionary panties don’t create any lines; so you look seamless in your linen or cotton shorts! Love that! You can find them online here.

Which types of fabulous necklines do you plan to wear yours with?

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