Ruffle top under 20

wearing: rose quartz and gold dangle earrings c/o BaubleBar (love these, current fav!!) / Chanel summer lipstick / blue and white striped ruffle top (under $15!!) / wide leg raw hem jeans / Cult Gaia bag (in stock!) / Essie summer nail polish c/o / brown and silver leather watch / silver mules (fall 2017 under $75 and super comfy!!)

Can we dub this the “Summer of Ruffles?” I am pretty sure I own more ruffle and tiered tops right now then I have owned in all of the years I have lived on this planet combined. That’s a lot of ruffles!

The ruffle trend may have turned out to be my favorite trend of the summer 2017 season. I just love it! Ruffles are so lighthearted, playful, and downright fun! This top is turning out to be a great casual outfit game changer. Instead of a tee, I can thrown on this top and look instantly on trend! Love that! Plus, it is under $15. Love that more! haha

Like the white ruffle top I wore earlier in the season, this blue and white striped top can be worn off of both shoulders, or just off one shoulder. It is always nice to have versatility in a top.

Which summer trend have you found yourself stocking your closet with?

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Summer to fall transition outfit idea

Summer to fall transition outfit idea Summer to fall transition outfit ideaSummer to fall transition outfit ideaSummer to fall transition outfit idea

Wearing: large hoop earrings / Chanel summer lipstick (great color for transitioning to fall) / black blouse (summer weight, fall style) / scarf (fall 2017 on sale until Aug 6) / turquoise and gold bracelet / gold-tone watch c/o Welly Merck (use code BAF20 to save 20%) / jeans (on sale!) / Givenchy Antigona / Chanel summer nail polish / suede booties (fall 2017 booties on sale until Aug 6)

A summer into fall transition outfit is key to rocking the fall trends, yet dressing for the summer weather. As the fall trends begin to hit store shelves, all of us are anxious to wear the new and now; yet cannot fathom wearing a coat or a sweater in 90 degree weather.

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is in full swing, and it offer us fall transitional styles at sale prices for a limited time. This is great since the sale is a great way to buy a few new fall pieces without breaking the bank. Love that!

I picked up these booties, and this scarf, at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale for fall 2017. They are both great summer into fall outfit enhancers 😉 The scarf is an instant fall classic, which is easy to pair with a summer top, in a dark or fall color. The booties are dipped on the side, and easy to wear in warm weather since they do not require heavy socks. Together, they make an easy fall update to a summer outfit.

This outfit worked well for me this weekend when temperatures soared into the 90’s. I wore it to brunch after church, and then to the movies with my kids. The jeans were a little warm for the weather, but the fall pieces were perfect! It felt so fresh to be wearing a summer to fall transition outfit!

These booties need more a shout-out then just how cute they are. I am in love with them, and know I will reach for them often as we transition from summer into fall, and during the fall season. They are comfortable, and very easy to walk in. The color is a great alternative to black; and lightens up an outfit with a lot of black such as the summer to fall transition outfit I am wearing in this post. Plus, the booties are currently under $100, how awesome is that?!

Are you thinking about starting to shop for fall yet? If so, what have you bought so far?

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Rainbow pom poms for summer

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wearing: purple and gold earrings / YSL lipstick / white blouse with rainbow pom poms (only $20!) / red shoulder bag / summer nail polish / black leather watch / rose gold braceletwide leg unfinished hem jeans / black espadrilles (under $100!)

Summer is in full swing! To celebrate the freedom of summer vacation, I took my kids out for dim sum during the week at Sino Santana Row. They have such good dim sum! My kids are finally at an age where they are trying more varieties of foods, so it was really fun to just order a bunch of dim sum for the table and see what they would eat. All three of them were really good about tasting everything, and they even found some new foods to love! Yay!

On our way to eat dim sum, my ten-year-old daughter and nine-year-old son took turns snapping pictures of my outfit. They are getting pretty good with the DSLR! My ten-year-old starts sixth grade in the fall, and her elective is going to be photography. I’m so excited she enjoys it. She is really creative, so it is fun to see her explore all avenues of art. She is already a fabulous painter, and she also loves to design clothing. I can’t wait to see how she interprets nature and people through the glass lens.

This outfit was perfect for the moderate summer day when we ate out last week. The blouse is nice and breezy, and the wide leg jeans offer a breezy silhouette too; so I didn’t get hot! Love! I’m looking forward to wearing this blouse often during the summer months. The rainbow pom pom details are so cute, and it will look nice with cut-offs on hot days too.

Are you indulging this summer on slow days?

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