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Top 5 New York Fashion Week trends spring 2018

maison the faux nyfw spring 2018

photo: Maison the Faux spring 2018 NYFW

The last model has walked off the runways of New York Fashion Week. As the fashion world moves to London, Paris, and Milan to continue fashion month, those of us who look closely to New York designers for inspiration are left with a new set of trends for the upcoming spring/summer 2018 season.

There are so many trends which seemed to inspire New York designers this season. We saw new trends, old trends, continuing trends, and confusing trends, for the upcoming warm weather season. Despite the large amount of trends, and inspiration, from New York designers for spring 2018, there were five trends which stuck out, and dominated the runways of New York.

Without further ado:

New York Fashion Week trends spring 2018: Menswear

trends from new york fashion week spring 2018

photo: Francesca Liberatore spring 2018 NYFW

Menswear inspiration has been a huge trend in fashion over the past few seasons. It is showing no sign of slowing down for spring 2018. Designers showed a large amount of menswear inspiration in the form of suiting, prints, tailored blazers, trousers, and shoes. Look for more menswear as we move out of winter, and into spring.

New York Fashion Week trends spring 2018: Clutches

New York Fashion Week trends spring 2018

photo: Nina Tiari spring 2018 NYFW

Clutches are making a comeback for spring 2018. While they never really went out of style, designers have favored saddle bags, hobo bags, and satchels the past couple of seasons. For spring 2018, designers are looking towards small clutches.

Also of note; the fanny pack appears to be making a comeback. Let’s see if the streets like that one. I’m a little frightened by the thought.

New York Fashion Week trends spring 2018: Small Florals

New York Fashion Week trends spring 2018

photo: Nina Tiari spring 2018 NYFW

Florals, I know. Soooo groundbreaking. Seriously though, florals are really small for spring 2018. Alice + Olivia, Zimmermann, and many more showed small floral prints for the spring season. No big flowers, only small ones; all squished together. Small, busy florals. Not groundbreaking, but noteworthy.

New York Fashion Week trends spring 2018: Silver and Metallic

New York Fashion Week trends spring 2018

photo: Academy of Art University spring/fall 2018 NYFW

Silver is the new metal du jour. For spring 2018 look for silver jewelry, silver accents, silver footwear, silver handbags, and silver metallic clothing. Silver is already a hot trend for fall, look for more in the spring 2018 season.

New York Fashion Week trends spring 2018: Cold Shoulders

New York Fashion Week trends spring 2018

photo: Vivienne Hu spring 2018 NYFW

Cold shoulders are not going anywhere for the spring 2018 season. Look for this trend from last season to continue into next year. There will be peek-a-boo shoulders, off-the-shoulder, strapless (no shoulder), cold shoulders; so many types of naked shoulders! In addition to cold shoulders, look for a continuation of ruffles surrounding these cold shoulders.

There you have it! The top 5 New York Fashion Week trends for spring 2018. In addition to these five trends, look for a continuation of asymmetrical lines, longer hemlines as well as mini skirt hems, two piece sets, and black/white combinations.

Handbags for spring 2018 will offer small clutches, shoulder bags/saddle bags, east/west totes, and <gasp> fanny packs.

When it comes to color, dark sea foam green, shades of yellow, grey, and white are hotter then hot. See the top 12 colors from NYFW by clicking here.

What do you think of the spring 2018 trends from New York Fashion Week?

New York Fashion Week trends spring 2018

photo: Custo Barcelona spring 2018 NYFW

Yes, that is a fanny pack. Several designers were showing them on the runways for spring 2018. Thoughts?

All photos Cathy/Bay Area Fashionista 2017©

Top 5 fall 2017 trends

fall 2017 trends fashion style runways street

The fall 2017 season is here! Well, not technically, according to the weather, and the calendar, but in the retail world it is in full swing! This means when we go to the store, instead of being greeted by beach attire, we are being greeted by faux fur, wool coats, and a whole lot of velvet!

The autumn 2017 season is bringing us a lot of fall 2017 trends which have made it from the runways to the streets. The fall 2017 trends from the runways were almost on track with what buyers decided they wanted to wear on the streets.

There are so many fall 2017 trends to sort through, I decided to narrow it down for you, and chat about the five most important trends of the season. At the end of this post, I recap all of the important trends of the season in long sentence. (hopefully none of my former English teachers or professors are reading this. haha)

Without further ado, the top 5 fall 2017 trends to hit the streets from the runways are:

Fall 2017 Trends: Shades of Red

tadashi shoji fall 2017 nyfw

Shades of red dominated the runways for the fall 2017 season. This was arguably the most recognizable trend throughout fashion week. So, it is no surprise that red is already proving to be the most important of all the fall 2017 color trends. While shades of pink, yellow, purple, green, black, and white are part of the fall 2017 color wheel, red is the must-have color of the season. You can rock red on clothing, shoes, hats, handbags, lipstick, or nail polish. It does not matter how do you do red, just be sure you are doing red.

Shop shades of red for fall 2017:

Fall 2017 Trends: Hobos and Satchels

Designers have gone gaga for the hobo, and the classic satchel this season. While the satchel has been an important trend in handbags over the past few years, the hobo bag has been dormant. We have seen the rise of the hobo quietly in the background lately, but it has not been until fall 2017 that this large, soft handbag style can claim IT bag status.

As for scale, handbags are getting bigger. You can hang onto your mini bags from the past few seasons to use for convenience, but when it comes to carrying the IT bag of the season, bigger is better. Look for large, soft hobos,  as well as medium to large satchels or totes this fall season.

Shop hobos and satchels for fall 2017:

Fall 2017 Trends: Soft Fabrics

nicholas k fall 2017 nyfw

The soft fabric trend of fall 2016 has returned for more in the fall 2017 season. Look for soft velvet, lace, satin; and anything that can flow. The softer, the better!

Shop soft fabrics for fall 2017:

Fall 2017 Trends: The Return of the Power Suit

Now, when you think of the “Power Suit” an image of a 1980s pantsuit perfect for working on Wall Street may come to mind. Well, this is a new millennium, and the “Power Suit” is anything but Wall Street. Suiting for fall 2017 may take on many forms. We are seeing pajama style suits, leisure suits, structured suits, and unstructured suits. The idea is to have the jacket and pants match; by match I mean made from the same exact fabric. A blue print blazer paired with solid blue pants will not do; both pieces need to be made from the same fabric. Get ready for a season of matchy-matchy! (only in suiting, don’t match your bag and shoes-still not cool)

Shop suiting for fall 2017:

Fall 2017 Trends: Statement Jackets and Coats

The days of the classic black coat are loooooooong gone. Seriously, who owns a basic black coat anymore? Fall 2017, is all about the statement coat. You can wear a potato sack underneath if you want to; no-one will care. It’s all about the coat, or jacket.

For fall 2017, look for faux fur, multi-colored coats/jackets, 1970s chevrons, texture, brocade, embroidery; the works! If your coat blends into the crowd, it isn’t a statement coat. Look for the loudest jacket or coat on the rack and buy it. The crazier the better! You need to sparkle and shine this season in your outerwear.

Shop statement coats and jackets for fall 2017:

Of course, when it comes to the fall 2017 fashion trends which have hit the streets from the runways, there are always more then five. In addition to these top five trends, look for Metallic touches and fabrics, the rise of silver over rose gold, 1990s influences, 1970s influences, brocade, embroidery, all-black, all-white, track pants worn with pumps, mules/slides, and luxurious combat boots.

What are your favorite fall 2017 trends to hit the streets from the runways?

Resort 2018 trends and how to wear them now

resort 2018 trends

resort 2018 trends pictured: Alice + Olivia / Maria Lucia Hohan / Alice + Olivia

The resort 2018 trends are here! Although the collections are nowhere near close to hitting store shelves yet, they do give us a snapshot into what will be hot when the resort/cruise 2018 season hits in six months. Designers have quietly introduced their resort cruise 2018 collections through intimate runway shows, presentations, and photo-shoots; giving us a chance to rock these resort 2018 trends right now!

Here are the top six trends from the resort 2018 collections to watch; these may carry over into the spring 2018 collections!

Resort 2018 Trends: The Wild Wild West

resort 2018 trends cruise 2018 trends

Get out your cowboy gear, because the wild west is coming! The Wild Wild West was a huge trend in the late 70’s and early 80’s; and now it is back. Christian Dior’s cruise 2018 collection is pictured above featuring western themed looks. This is a trend we will start to see creep in during the fall 2018 season, and it will start to gain momentum in 2018. Look for western themed styles you would wear on the street as opposed to a horse.

I’m exited about this trend because it is a fresh trend which has not been overdone. We have seen bits and pieces of western themed styles over the years, but it has not been since the early 1980s when designers went full force into the trend. Let’s hope store buyers jump on the bandwagon and offer us some western themed pieces to incorporate into our 2018 wardrobes!

Resort 2018 Trends: Off The Shoulder

resort 2018 trends

cruise 2018 trends

resort 2017 collections pictured: Alice + Olivia / Gucci

Off the shoulder, ruffles, cold shoulders; anything showing off the shoulder in some way, shape, or form, has been hot over the past year. This trend is showing no sign of slowing down as we head into 2018. For the resort 2018 season, look for styles which show off your fabulous shoulders; and plan to continue wearing this trend well in 2018. It is hotter than hot!

Resort 2018 Trends: Stripes

resort 2018 trends cruise 2018 trends

 resort 2018 collections: pictured: Tsumori / Alice + Olivia

Stripes, stripes, and more stripes! This hot trend is showing no sign of slowing down; in fact, it is growing! Look for stripes on everything for resort 2018. Stripes will be in varying sizes, a rainbow of colors, and going in all sorts of directions. Have some fun with stripes in 2018!

Resort 2018 Trends: Shades of Pink

resort 2018 trends cruise 2018 trends resort 2018 trends

resort 2018 collections pictured: Alice + Olivia / Gucci / Maria Lucia Hohan

Pink! Yes, it seems like shades of pink are here to stay. Blush, recently dubbed “Millennial Pink” as well as bold fuchsia are hotter than hot for the upcoming resort 2018 season. Watch for these hues as we move into spring 2018 too. Don’t sell or donate your pinks, keep them for next year because they will be one of the more important colors starting with the resort season, and moving into spring 2018.

Resort 2018 Trends: Bold Graphic Prints

resort 2018 trends cruise 2018 trends

resort 2018 collections: Christian Dior / Gucci

Bold, graphic prints are an important trend for the resort 2018 season. Designers are showing bold graphics of one item such as a dragon, a palm tree, or an animal, as well as abstract prints and painterly prints. Look for a continuation into 2018 of mixed prints, colorful prints, bold prints; basically prints!

Resort 2018 Trends: Athleisure and Sports Inspired

resort 2018 trends cruise 2018 trends

resort 2018 collections: Alice + Olivia / Gucci

Athleisure is continuing as we head into 2018. For the resort 2018 season, look for more bomber jackets, athletic inspired clothing, and comfortable ensembles.

The resort season is a short one, but it does give us a snapshot into what to keep from our previous spring/summer collections, and what to look out for when shopping the end of summer sales. The resort 2018 trends also give us a sneak peek into what to expect for the spring 2018 season!

What do you think of the resort 2018 trends?

*All photos courtesy of GPS Radar press galleries