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Studs on studs for spring

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Pictured: Sunglasses: Chanel / Earrings: Stephen Dweck / Lipstick: Chanel Mighty / Top: Banana Republic / Cuff: Compass Rose Design / Leather wrap bracelet: Tory Burch / Jeans: COH (petite)/ Handbag: Chloe / Nail Polish: Chanel Sunrise Trip / Booties: Sam Edelman

There is something a little bit rock and roll about studs. When I spotted this top at Banana Republic with tiny little studs, I thought it would be fun to wear with my Chloe Inez bag; after all, who doesn’t love studs on studs for the spring season!

A few years ago, studs were all the rage. Then, they disappeared for a hot minute from the fashion scene. It appears no-one really wanted studs to go away! They have quietly been on the runways, and store shelves, ever since. Since I love me some rock and roll, it is only natural that I love studs!

This little pouchette from Chloe is a fun bag to wear casually, or for a night out on the town. I love it as an alternative to a clutch for dinner, or an evening show. With the strap adjusted as a single shoulder strap, the bag has a more casual feel. When I adjust the straps into a double shoulder strap, it has a dressier, evening feel. Love that!

I love how the handbag looks with this studded top. The studs on the bag are large, and vary in size. The studs on the top are small and evenly distributed. I feel like the two pieces compliment each other, and add a little dimension to a casual look. Of course, this top could be paired with leather legging or pants for a chic, evening look. Oh! New outfit idea!

The combination of studs on studs in this outfit makes me smile; and makes a few AC/DC songs roll through my head. What do you think of mixing studs this spring? Are you up for a little rock and roll in your wardrobe?

Fall 2013 trends: biker jackets and boots

Biker jackets and biker boots are considered casual classics. Although timeless, the biker trend has taken on new life for the fall 2013 season. Biker jackets and biker boots graced the runways for fall/winter 2013/2014 in New York, Paris, Milan and London. Store buyers and consumers loved the casual, edgy biker look and store shelves have become stocked with the look for the autumn season; and consumers are buying the biker look like mad!

With the rocker chic trend and grunge trend popular in 2013, it is only natural that the biker look, often referred to as the “moto” look, would gain popularity with Fashionistas who do not normally wear such edgy attire. Designers have responded to the trend with biker boots and jackets in multiple colors which stray from traditional black. We are seeing shades of brown, tan and even brighter hues such as blue and pink on biker inspired items.

In addition to traditional biker jackets, designers have created vests, sweater and tops with biker jacket details. Biker boots have found new life with high heel versions of the traditional, casual style. This is bringing the biker look into chicer, dressier waters. Love that!

My favorite biker jacket of the season is by Cusp. I personally own this jacket and feel it is the best value on the market for rocking the biker trend. The sleeves zipper off from the body of the jacket leaving you with a biker vest! It is two jackets in one! The leather is soft and the jacket is cozy. I also love the price especially considering the jacket is also a vest. So much bang for your buck!

Are you wearing the biker trend this fall 2013 season? What are you favorite pieces to wear this season which are in line with the trend?

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Valentino Rockstuds phenomena: trend or classic?

Valentino first introduced their edgy Rockstuds collection in 2010 on the fall 2010 runway. This was an edgy look for Valentino who is known for ladylike gowns and the color red. The design house, and fairly new design team, dove head-first into the Rocker Chic trend with pyramid shaped studs, inverted totes, studded clutches and studded shoulder bags. The fashion world was mesmerized, shocked and intrigued. Fashionistas everywhere were suddenly coveting Valentino’s Rockstud handbag collection; which was soon followed by a line of shoes that became an instant sensation overnight.

What is it about Valentino’s Rockstud collection? Is it the combination of ladylike chic and edgy rocker studs? Is it a sign that Whitesnake groupies live inside sophisticated women who wear red gala gowns to Opening night at the Opera? Is there a rocker girl inside all of us? Why do so many women love Valentino Rockstuds?

I have to admit, I am one of the many Valentino Rockstud fans. The first pair of shoes I purchased from the collection was in the summer of 2012. I picked out a pair of classic, black patent leather open toe pumps with one row of golden studs running up the back of the heel in a line. I loved the rocker touch which was added to this timeless pair of pumps. I was in love! For fall 2012 I purchased a pair of pale turquoise kitten heel Rockstuds and then a pair of black, high heeled Rockstuds from the Noire collection. I was hooked! Or should I say studded???

Although I love the look of all the Rockstud handbags by Valentino, I was afraid to invest in one of the handbags. The studs looked menacing; as if they would snag my clothing and favorite sweaters every time I carried one. I grudgingly passed on the handbags.

Valentino Rockstud shoes have appeared everywhere. It seems as though every Style Blogger, Socialite, Celebrity and Fashionista on the street owns at least one pair of Valentino Rockstud shoes. Unfortunately, many pretend Rockstuds have been spotted on the street as well. Due to the popularity of the shoes and handbags, many high-end designers, as well as fast-fashion retailers, have jumped on the trend and are selling their own, Rockstud inspired accessories. This is a huge trend. Or is it?

Studs have been popular, on and off, since the 1970’s. The trend has been popular to differing degrees and usually coincides with a rocker-type trend. Prada was even showing studs in the early 2000’s. This leads us to the next few questions; are Valentino Rockstuds a trend? Are they a new classic? Will consumers tire of studded shoes and handbags, or will they continue to covet and purchase them? Will Fashionistas continue to buy, love and wear Rockstuds in spring 2014 when the studded trend has faded away? Studs were scarce on the spring/summer 2014 runways! Only time will tell. What do you think? Trend or classic? Join me on Facebook  or Twitter and weigh in on the discussion!