Valentino Rockstuds phenomena: trend or classic?

Valentino first introduced their edgy Rockstuds collection in 2010 on the fall 2010 runway. This was an edgy look for Valentino who is known for ladylike gowns and the color red. The design house, and fairly new design team, dove head-first into the Rocker Chic trend with pyramid shaped studs, inverted totes, studded clutches and studded shoulder bags. The fashion world was mesmerized, shocked and intrigued. Fashionistas everywhere were suddenly coveting Valentino’s Rockstud handbag collection; which was soon followed by a line of shoes that became an instant sensation overnight.

What is it about Valentino’s Rockstud collection? Is it the combination of ladylike chic and edgy rocker studs? Is it a sign that Whitesnake groupies live inside sophisticated women who wear red gala gowns to Opening night at the Opera? Is there a rocker girl inside all of us? Why do so many women love Valentino Rockstuds?

I have to admit, I am one of the many Valentino Rockstud fans. The first pair of shoes I purchased from the collection was in the summer of 2012. I picked out a pair of classic, black patent leather open toe pumps with one row of golden studs running up the back of the heel in a line. I loved the rocker touch which was added to this timeless pair of pumps. I was in love! For fall 2012 I purchased a pair of pale turquoise kitten heel Rockstuds and then a pair of black, high heeled Rockstuds from the Noire collection. I was hooked! Or should I say studded???

Although I love the look of all the Rockstud handbags by Valentino, I was afraid to invest in one of the handbags. The studs looked menacing; as if they would snag my clothing and favorite sweaters every time I carried one. I grudgingly passed on the handbags.

Valentino Rockstud shoes have appeared everywhere. It seems as though every Style Blogger, Socialite, Celebrity and Fashionista on the street owns at least one pair of Valentino Rockstud shoes. Unfortunately, many pretend Rockstuds have been spotted on the street as well. Due to the popularity of the shoes and handbags, many high-end designers, as well as fast-fashion retailers, have jumped on the trend and are selling their own, Rockstud inspired accessories. This is a huge trend. Or is it?

Studs have been popular, on and off, since the 1970’s. The trend has been popular to differing degrees and usually coincides with a rocker-type trend. Prada was even showing studs in the early 2000’s. This leads us to the next few questions; are Valentino Rockstuds a trend? Are they a new classic? Will consumers tire of studded shoes and handbags, or will they continue to covet and purchase them? Will Fashionistas continue to buy, love and wear Rockstuds in spring 2014 when the studded trend has faded away? Studs were scarce on the spring/summer 2014 runways! Only time will tell. What do you think? Trend or classic? Join me on Facebook  or Twitter and weigh in on the discussion!