PVC shoes and PVC handbags for spring 2019

staud clear plastic tote bag

pictured: PVC mini tote with removable pouch (current IT bag-see review here)

You knew it was coming back! Clear bags and shoes have been popping up on the runways, and on the streets, for the past few seasons. Now, for the spring 2019 season, they are taking everyone’s closet by storm! That is, if you let PVC into your closet-and I hope you do!

PVC is a fun trend. Let’s face it. You can’t take jelly shoes, or clear handbags, too seriously. This playful trend is popping up mainly in the form of  PVC shoes, and PVC handbags; although, you will find it on other accessories, and on clothing.

The PVC trend has been fading in and out of style for the past five years. While it appeared to fade away roughly two years ago, it really emerged in 2018 to tell the world it was never really gone. In 2019, PVC plans to take over your closet-if you are brave enough to let it.

When it comes to shoes, the PVC trend can be tricky. As we know from the past, PVC is not nice to your skin when it directly rubs against it. PVC edges on shoes can leave you in stitches; literally. Also, PVC shoes that don’t have holes will turn your shoe into a swimming pool; not a good look, and not very comfortable at all. Plus, it’s gross. Ew.

When looking for PVC shoes this spring 2019 season, I recommend finding shoes with edging covered in something soft like leather. Or, look for jelly-like plastic.

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My favorite way to rock the PVC trend is with a handbag. A PVC handbag won’t hurt your skin, and it is quite fun! You can find PVC handbags in clear white plastic, as well as clear tinted plastic, and solid plastic. Just remember, the see-through plastic is the most on-trend for the spring season. The world wants to see what’s in your bag! Of course, if you don’t want to the world to see what’s in your bag, find one with a pouch; or you can use make-up bags from your closet to hide your belongings.

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What do you think of the PVC trend for spring 2019? Will  you be rocking it, or skipping it? If you plan to rock it, are you a shoe or a handbag gal? I’m definitely a handbag gal; but you knew that right?! haha

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PVC for spring 2014

The PVC trend is back. Designers in Milan, as well as a few in Paris, New York and London, are showing PVC for the upcoming warm weather season. For spring 2014, PVC is being shown as an accent as well the main fabrication for accessories. On Fendi’s spring/summer 2014 runway we saw a large amount of colorful PVC used on shoes and throughout the show. In fact, Fendi’s use of PVC for spring 2014 may just be the nucleus of the trend!

 PVC has been peeking in and out of style over the past few years, and for spring 2014, it has come back with a vengeance. Clear handbags are hotter than hot; whether made with PVC or another similar material, the look is clear. See through accessories are where its’ at!

For spring and summer 2014, look for PVC accents on shoes and look for full, see-though handbags. If you rocked this trend the first time is came around a few years ago, bring out those PVC pieces from the back of your closet. They are hot again! If not, this is a fun trend to play with for the spring/summer 2014 season. Look for one PVC piece to add to your collection. 

I found a few fabulous PVC pieces around the web and assembled them into the shopping widget below. I hope you love them! Happy shopping, and stay fabulous 😉

The PVC trend for spring 2013

PVC touches and clear fabrications are huge for spring 2013. It seems like only five years ago this trend was on the heel of every shoe on the runway; and on every handbag on the street! For spring 2013 the PVC or clear trend has not strayed too far from where it dazzled a few years ago; meaning, if you rocked this trend the last time around and kept your pieces, you are good to go this year! Love that!

The PVC or clear trend was subtle on the runways for spring 2013. A few designers showed a handful of PVC handbags and shoes during the four important fashion weeks in New York, London, Paris and Milan. Despite the fact that this trend came and went recently, store buyers locked onto it and stocked store shelves with PVC heels, handbags and even coats!


Polyvore set above: Top row features snapshots from Valentino’s spring/summer 2013 runway. Bottom row: Givenchy spring 2013 runway-PVC shoes.

This is an easy trend to wear for spring 2013. PVC is clear in most cases and blends easily with the three big color trends of spring 2013; vivid pastels, neon hues and bright colors. PVC also has a “mod” vibe to it, making a PVC handbag and/or pair of shoes work perfectly with the current mod trend. Fabulous!

When shopping for PVC for spring 2013, look for clear accents. You do not want a handbag or pair of shoes which is 100% clear. Look for clear trim, heels and blocks. Although some designers and brands have tinted PVC with subtle colors, the ultimate way to rock this trend for spring 2013 is with clear, colorless PVC.

We found a few fabulous PVC items around the web and assembled them into this article. We hope you love them! To shop the PVC trend for spring 2013, please click on the items you love in the shopping widget below and you will be redirected to the online shop which carries that item. Happy shopping, and stay fabulous