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Family friendly luau on the Big Island

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My luau outfit: bold silver earrings c/o Chico’s / prescription sunglasses / summer lipstick / convertible silver necklace c/o Chico’s / palm print dress c/o Chico’s / summer nail polish / woven handbag c/o Chico’s / ivory espadrille wedges (I own these in 3 colors-love!)

One of the must-do’s while visiting Hawaii is to attend a luau! Luau’s can be expensive, so when I researched which luau to attend on the Big Island, I wanted to make sure it was both family-friendly, and really good! There were several reports from all over the internet which suggested the Island Breeze Luau, on the grounds of the Courtyard by Marriot King Kamehameha’s Kona Beach Hotel, was one of the top five luau’s on the Big Island. Thankfully, it was located at our hotel! Win-win!

When I realized our hotel played host to one of the best luau’s on the Big Island, I needed to make sure it was family friendly before dropping several hundreds of dollars on tickets. Thankfully, I could tell from their website that they were a great luau for families. Score!

There are two types of tickets you can buy for the Island Breeze luau. They have general admission, and then there is the Hanohano upgrade, which is basically VIP. Oh you know I am all about VIP! So of course, I made sure to buy the upgrade. If you plan on attending the Island Breeze luau on the Big Island, I highly recommend getting the upgrade. It allows you to enter the luau first, and sit in the front. This is key when you have kids who cannot see over the heads of adults. My kids loved being able to sit front row! In addition to sitting front row, you get to line up for the buffet first. VIP all the way bay-bee! You can book it online here.

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On my husband and kids: Men’s Hawaiian shirt / little boys Hawaiian shirt / floral dress on my teenager / white dress on my tween /

There were so many fun activities to do at the luau. They had games on the lawn, live music, and the last hour consisted of a hula show which showcased hula dances from all the Polynesian islands. It was really well done, and my kids loved it! If you ask what they enjoyed most about Hawaii, they will tell you the luau. This luau is top notch!

best luau big island hawaii kona island breeze luau family friendly luau kona big island hawaii

Of course, when attending a luau, you have to look the part! This dress from Chico’s was perfect. The exclusive palm leaf design was right in theme with the Hawaiian luau. I also made sure my kids and husband had in-theme outfits as well.

We also made sure we put lay’s on before entering the luau. I mean, did you attend a luau if you didn’t wear a lay? It’s a must-do! You must also try poi, I really liked to dip my fish into the poi, I thought it had a nice flavor. Yum!

Shop my Hawaiian Luau outfit:

Shop my husband and my kids outfits:

Have you been to a luau before? Which one did you attend?

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luau outfit ideas

Spring style for men with Dockers

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Pictured on Rob: Sunglasses: Oakley / Shirt: Brooks Brothers / Belt: Prada / Pants: c/o Docker’s / Shoes:  Salvatore Ferragamo

Spring is here, this means men are looking for comfortable pants they can wear to work, as well as on the weekends. Docker’s makes the most amazing men’s pants. I wish there were pants like this for women! Docker’s are made from high quality, cotton canvas which stands the test of time. The fabric is strong and can be washed over, and over, and over again without showing wear. Love that!

Here in Silicon Valley, our temperatures hover between 50 degrees in the winter, and low eighties in the summer. This moderate climate allows men to seek out a singular wardrobe. Docker’s are perfect for this temperature range since they are thick enough to keep legs warm in the cool weather, yet the natural fibers allow skin to breath in the summer heat; making them ideal to wear all year long.

Men in Silicon Valley tend to wear casual clothing to work. Northern California is not a part of the country filled with blazers, suits, and the like. Most industries, except finance, wear California Casual dress to work. This means you will see men wearing khaki’s and jeans to work on a daily basis. Although jeans are acceptable, they do not always look polished, and are not acceptable when giving a presentation, or meeting with clients. The best pants men can wear to work are cotton twill pants, but not any type of cotton twill pants, only the type of cotton twill pants Docker’s make!

Docker’s pants offer a structured style and the sleek fabric always look polished. On the flip side, they are as comfortable as a pair of jeans, so men do not need to sacrifice style for comfort. Love that! A pair of Docker’s can take a man from the board room, to a meeting with a VC, to a coffee shop meeting, and the out to dinner with his family. Docker’s = perfection.

My husband is a huge fan of Docker’s. His entire pants wardrobe is Docker’s. He has pairs which are so old, we cannot remember when we purchased them! You cannot tell they are several, if not ten, years old because they wash and wear so well. The quality is impeccable. When my husband wears Docker’s, he always looks polished, professional, and ready to take Silicon Valley by storm; and here in the Valley, it is all about confidence. If Docker’s give you confidence, then get ready for the next big IPO 😉

For spring 2015, men will look amazing wearing Docker’s with golf shirt, polo shirt, and thin dress shirts. They will also be able to wear their Docker’s the weekend with short sleeve shirts, tee-shirts, and more! Docker’s can be found online at 

A few of Rob’s favorite Docker’s for spring; or any season!

Since we love Docker’s so much, we have partnered with Docker’s to give one pair of Docker’s pants to one lucky winner! You can win them yourself, or the lucky man in your life. Please use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter to win a fabulous pair of Docker’s khaki’s for spring 2015! Thank you for your support, and good luck!

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