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National Lipstick Day 2021

National Lipstick Day 2021 from top left: Dior lipstick / Chanel Rouge Coco Bloom / ShadeM liquid lipsticks / Chanel Rouge Coco /

Happy National Lipstick Day 2021! This is always such a fun day, because we can celebrate our favorite lipsticks, and maybe indulge in a new one or two! Love that!

Let me share my favorite lipsticks with you. I am a huge fan of this Dior lipstick, the ShadeM liquid lipsticks, and all of Chanel’s Coco Rouge line. My favorite’s from 2021 are pictured above.

My favorite types of lipsticks are sheer, with just the right drop of color; although, sometimes I love wearing a pigment lipstick such as the liquid lipsticks from ShadeM.

What are your favorite lipsticks? Do you prefer cream, sheer, or gloss?

Thanks for stopping by, and have a fabulous National Lipstick Day 2021!