Graduation gift ideas 2022

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Graduation gift ideas from top left: bead gemstone bracelets (local designer, under $50) / classic, convertible handbag / classic pearl earrings / classic pearl ring / fun work tote / classic scarf / solid color work tote /

Can you believe graduation season is upon us? I feel like this year has gone by so quickly! I have several grad’s to buy something special for this spring, so I put together a graduation gift guide filled with gift ideas which will work for many grad’s this year.

Is your grad heading off to a fabulous new job? Why not gift her a practical yet fabulous work tote! I chose work totes from designers which are sturdy, long-lasting, and can handle a ton of wear and tear. Plus, they have “name status” without breaking the bank. Love that! Choose from a fun tote for a creative work environment or a solid color tote for a more conservative and professional work environment.

Everyone needs a scarf. A scarf is a classic accessory which she can keep for decades. I have several which I purchased in the 1990s and I still pull them out of my drawer and wear them often. Scarves are great because they take the place of a necklace, and when you are a new grad starting out, you don’t have the money to buy necklaces for every office outfit. A scarf can also add personal style to any look. Scarves work well in both creative and conservative work environments. Love that!

She worked hard to earn her degree, why not gift her with beautiful jewelry? Even a high school grad can receive a beautiful piece of grown-up jewelry for graduation. You cannot go wrong with gemstone bracelets, or classic pearls. They can be worn to the office, on weekends, and for dressy occasions. She will love them!

Not sure what to get? Every girl needs a practical yet on-trend handbag! This convertible handbag comes with a cross body strap and a short, trendy strap. She will love a new bag which offers classic style, and a bit of practicality. Love that!

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I hope you love these graduation gift ideas for 2022! Hopefully the grad’s on my list won’t see this post, haha, then they will have a hint as to what I bought for them! Ooops! haha

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Practical Graduation Gifts

practical graduation gifts for her graduation gift ideas 2021 college high school grad school

Practical Graduation Gifts from top left: edgy work tote / fun desk mug / quick recipes cookbook (here is a good vegan one) / travel coffee tumbler set / workhorse backpack (I love mine!) / water bottle / hairdryer (luxurious gift-I love mine!) /

It’s that time of year when seniors are graduating from high school and college; and also graduate students are completing their advanced degrees. While some graduates may be continuing their education, many will be entering the workforce full-time. I know watches and fancy jewelry are always fun graduation gifts, but what does a modern grad really need?

Practical graduation gifts are where it’s at these days. Graduates no longer need a fancy watch on their wrist when they graduate; to be frank, this generation doesn’t really wear watches anyway! Here is what happens when someone graduates; they suddenly live on their own, with a pile of bills, and a low paying job. Let’s give them something for graduation they can actually use; and may not be able to afford.

Work Tote: Even if someone works from home, they eventually will need to carry their work with them to meetings or for travel. A work tote is must! A young worker would love a practical, black tote bag which isn’t too stuffy to carry around files and a laptop. The tote is even better if it fits a spare pair of shoes. Look for black tote bags without too much fuss or labels. There is a chance your graduate may need to take public transportation to work. Logos and large labels could make them a target. Look for simple yet chic tote bags which aren’t too boring. I found a few around the web:

Backpack: Whether your grad is heading back to school for another degree, or diving into the workforce, they will need a backpack! May I suggest my all-time favorite backpack? This backpack from adidas is strong and sturdy. I use it as a carry-on when I travel. There are multiple compartments making it easy to separate electronics from shoes or toiletries. My laptop and cord fit nicely inside with plenty of room to spare. It’s also comfortable to wear on my back for long periods of time. This backpack is great for more than just travel. Your grad can use it for work too! It’s easy to wear while commuting to work on public transportation. It also makes a great gym bag. This backpack is sturdy, strong, grown-up, and under $100. It really is a must-have!

Coffee mug, travel tumbler and water bottle: If your grad drinks coffee, they will probably make their own at home to save money. I mean, let’s do some quick math. Coffee made at home for about one dollar is roughly $20 per month. Coffee drinks purchased at a coffee shop average five dollars per work day, which equates to roughly $100 per month. As a new grad on a tight budget, this won’t be rocket science. Encourage good spending habits by gifting your grad a coffee travel tumbler; also a water bottle! Your grad should not drink coffee all day. At some point they will switch to water. Gift them a good quality water bottle they can carry on the bus, as well as proudly place on their desk. Love!

Hair Dryer: OK, whether your grad’s hair is short or long, it will need to be tidy and styled. I made the mistake of going to work with wet hair in my 20’s one day. I got in trouble. Don’t be me. Encourage your grad to go to work with dry hair by gifting a fabulous hair dryer. This one is pricey, but it’s soooooo good.

Cook books: Most graduates went through school having their meals made for them, or by eating ramen. Since they will be tired after work, and won’t be able to afford to eat out every day, why not gift them a cookbook with quick and easy meal ideas? There are two I find fabulous; one for meat eaters, and one for vegans. Why not gift both!

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What does your grad want for graduation? I hope you like my practical graduation gift ideas!

Happy graduation to your grad, and thanks for stopping by!


Graduation gift ideas 2020

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Graduation gift ideas from top left: dangle earrings / Gucci bag / pearl earrings (classic grad gift!) / Gucci sneakers (hot summer trend!) / record player / watch (classic grad gift!) /

It is graduation time! While most schools are not having ceremonies this year, graduates still deserve something special for this momentous occasion. A graduation gift needs to be something special which the grad can keep as a long-term memory. I still own, and wear, the Gucci watch my Mom gave me for high school graduation! Why not get something special she will cherish forever?

I love timeless gifts, but not every grad is into something classic. If your grad likes trendier items, then flatform shoes or a record player could be the perfect gift. If your grad likes the classics, look for a watch or pearl jewelry.

Without further ado, here are some great graduation gift ideas for 2020!

Graduation gifts for 8th grade:

Graduation gifts for high school or college:

My daughter graduates from 8th grade this year, I hope she likes what I picked up for her! I can’t post it here-she might read it, then it won’t be a surprise!! What do you plan to give the graduate in your life?

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