Escada Fiesta Carioca eau de toilette

escada fiesta carioca eau de toillette review

Pictured: fragrance c/o Escada . Escada Fiesta Carioca eau de toilette limited edition perfume celebrating 25 years of summer editions.

Every summer, for the past 25 years, Escada has released a fabulous summer fragrance which celebrates the Joie de Vivre of the summer season.  This year’s fruity floral by Escada celebrates everything fabulous about summer, and it will make you feel like dancing with a flower in your hair. Love!

Escada Fiesta Carioca EDT starts off with a sweet fruity scent. Below the fruity fragrance you will get wrapped up in a bouquet of warm florals which are fresh and crisp. The combination of Passion Fruit on top and Orange Flower in the heart of the fragrance is genius. It makes for an uplifting fragrance experience which will literally make you want to dance, and celebrate summer. The end of the fragrance experience offers a smooth woody base which balances out the fruity floral notes. Love!

Top notes: Passion Fruit, Red Raspberry, Violet Leaves

Middles notes: Passion Flower, Orange Flower, Jasmine

Base notes: Cedarwood, Musk

Escada Fiesta Carioca EDT is a beautiful fruity floral scent which is easy to wear in the evening, and on the weekends. This is also the perfect scent to wear while on vacation; or if you just feel like you want to pretend you are on vacation. It definitely evokes a feeling of being beach-side, surrounded by a soiree decorated with flowers, and serving fresh fruit. Whoo-hoo!

I am so sad this is a limited edition scent! When my bottle runs out, I think I will be lost. This is such a beautiful fragrance for summer; I cannot imagine wearing another scent. It captures the essence of the summer season and everything that makes the combination of vacation and warm weather fabulous.

You can find Escada Fiesta Carioca EDT online here. Remember, it is limited edition, so snap up your bottle quickly!

Escada Agua del Sol EDT review

escada agua del sol eau de toilette review

Pictured: c/o Escada Agua del Sol EDT

Escada Agua del Sol eau de toilette is a limited edition, fruity fragrance which is perfect for summer! This warm and inviting scent combines fragrance notes of Italian Citrus fruits, Nashi Pear, Pink Peppercorn, Raspberry Sorbet, Mandarin, Apricot Nectar, and Sandalwood. This combination creates a light-hearted, fruity fragrance experience which is perfect for the warm summer months.

Agua del Sol by Escada embodies the Costa Rican philosophy of “pura vida.” Upon first spray, I immediately noticed the uplifting combination of sweet fruits, which are light-hearted; evoking a feeling of pure bliss! Love that!

This is the perfect everyday, warm weather scent for the summer season. The uplifting scent is full of life; making you want to wear it everyday. It really makes the day more fun! Escada Agua del Sol EDT starts off with a medium-heavy scent which settles into a medium-light fragrance experience after about twenty minutes. This makes the eau de toilette light enough to wear to the office or theater. By the evening, it settles into a soft scent which combines light, sweet fruits with a warm sandalwood base.

Although not a formal fragrance, due to the casual  nature of evening events in the summer season, Escada Agua del Sol EDT can easily be worn on any type of occasion from casual through formal. This is a versatile, wearable fragrance for summer. I am in LOVE!

Escada Agua del Sol EDT is a limited edition fragrance, this makes it special, and beautiful as a gift for Mother’s Day, graduation, a birthday-or any event you would like to give the gift of scent!

In addition to the beautiful vanity bottles offered by Escada, Agua del Sol can also be found in a roller ball; which is ideal for travel.

You can find Escada Agua del Sol eau de toilette online here, here, and here. The roller ball can be found online here.

I rate Escada Agua del Sol EDT five out of five stars! Love!

Top five classic spring fragrances

best spring perfumes

My top five classic fragrance from top left: Creed Spring Flower / Dolce Floral Drops c/o / LaVanila Vanilla Coconut c/o / Escada Turquoise Summer c/o / Bond No 9 Chinatown

Spring has sprung! This means it is time to think about which fragrances to wear in the warm spring months. So, I thought I would share with you my all-time top five classic spring fragrances from my collection; it also happens to be National Fragrance Day 😉

One of my favorite indulgences is fragrance. I love trying new scents, and adding new perfumes to my collection. Over time, I have found I always gravitate towards classic, seasonal fragrances which work for the weather, the occasion, and the outfit I am wearing.

The five spring fragrances pictured above are my top five picks for the spring season. I love these fragrances due to their complex fragrance experiences (with the exception of LaVanila, which is just a beautiful, two note perfume), their long lasting scents, high quality ingredients, and beautiful compositions.

LaVanila Vanilla Coconut is the perfect, everyday scent for the spring season. It has a warm vanilla base, which when combined with the coconut heart, creates the perfect, gourmand scent for the warmer weather. It is definitely my everyday go-to fragrance of the season!

Creed Spring Flower is serious business. It was Audrey Hepburn’s favorite perfume. It is a green floral which is ideal for warm, and hot weather. I love wearing it with dressier ensembles. Creed Spring Flower is great for evenings, and special occasions!

Dolce Floral Drops is such a pretty floral scent! It is my go-to fragrance on casual days when I am out and about. It is great to wear to fundraising luncheons, business meetings, and anytime you want a lighter floral fragrance in the spring. Love!

Escada Turquoise Summer is really a fabulous spring/summer scent. I love the combination of florals and woods. This is a great scent to wear to the beach, a backyard BBQ, a pool party, or a girl’s night out. It is a fun, and lighthearted fragrance. I love fun!!

Bond No 9 Chintown is my heaviest spring fragrance. Actually, I wear this scent throughout the year. It really transcends season. I chose to highlight it for spring because of the pink pepper top notes. There is something springy about pink pepper top notes! I love the spicy floral composition of this fragrance. It really cycles through different combinations of notes. If you like complex, heavier fragrances, this is the spring perfume for you! I reach for Chinatown when I am dressed up, or attending a formal event; but have found myself wearing it on random, casual occasions too. It is simply beautiful.

What are your favorite classic spring fragrances?

My top five classic spring fragrances: