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Happy Earth Day! Celebrate Earth Day with Naya Shoes eco-chic charity initiatives

Happy Earth Day! Wondering how to do your part on Earth Day in an Eco-Chic way? Naya Shoes is offering two eco-chic charity initiatives which will help every Fashionista reduce, reuse and recycle on this fabulous day of celebration! Please see below for two very eco-chic ways to thank Mother Earth.

Renew Your Soles: Naya Shoes has a nationwide shoe donation and recycling initiative which includes an amazing partnership with and charity organization Soles4Souls. The initiative allows consumers to mail in their new or gently used unwanted shoes for donation. will reward your eco-chic generosity with $20 off your next purchase of $80 or more.

Plant-It 2020: In celebration of Earth Day 2012, Naya Shoes has partnered with Nordstrom to plant 5,000 trees in support of charity organization Plant-It 2020. Nordstrom and Naya Shoes will plant a tree for every pair of Naya Shoes purchased at Nordstrom today. This will also mark Naya Shoes two-year anniversary with the tree planting campaign for Earth Day. By the end of 2012, Naya Shoes will have planted 15,000 trees with Plant-It 2020. Love this!
Happy Earth Day!

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Is your Hair Ready for Earth Day?

Earth Day is fast approaching and it seems to get more exciting every year. Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, we have been aware of the environment and its’ fragility for several decades. Children in the late 1970’s began taking field trips through school to the local recycling plant. Students were so proud to be handed a recycling bucket to take home to their parents. There was pure excitement at the thought of teaching one’s parents how to recycle cans, bottles and newspapers. Bay Area parents were very proud of their children who made an effort to recycle at home as well as spread the word to extended friends and family. The recycling mentality has expanded throughout the country and world over the past two decades. Bay Area natives cannot help but feel slightly responsible for getting the word out about the importance of recycling and saving our planet. Although recycling dates back to Plato in 400 BC and it was first required in the United States by Woodbury, NJ, the San Francisco Bay Area took the idea by storm and is responsible for much of the marketing that made it hip.

Earth Day was instated by US Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin on April 22, 1970. It is celebrated in roughly 175 countries each year. As Earth Day has become more popular over the years, many cities and towns celebrate the entire week and have dubbed it “Earth Week.”

Every year consumer companies launch so-called “Green” products in the weeks preceding Earth Day in the hope that consumers will purchase these products in an effort to be more Earth friendly. Unfortunately, many so-called “Green” products are not really green. True Green products are made with environmentally friendly ingredients, in environmentally friendly factories and packaged in recycled materials.

Tigi Hair Care is well known for their “Bed Head” line of hair care products. These products are recommended by stylists around the world and found in fine salons as well beauty supply shops. Target, which normally carries more moderately priced products, has also begun to carry Tigi Products in their “Salon Hair Care” isle which boasts the same products found at your local salon with slightly softer price points.

In an effort to go “Green,” Tigi has launched a wonderful line of earth friendly products named “Love, Peace and the Planet.” These fabulous hair care products are not tested on animals and they do not use artificial colors or fragrances. They treat your hair using only organic ingredients that are free from parabens, laurel and laureth sulfates. To top it all off, Tigi packaged the line in 50% post consumer waste containers and all printed materials are printed on recycled paper or FSC paper using soy or water based ink. This makes the packaging 100% recyclable! Love, Peace, Planet also offers two choices for shampoo and conditioner. They offer a moisturizing shampoo named “Eco Awesome” as well as a daily shine shampoo named “Walking on Sunshine.” The line also offers texture, hairspray and a leave-in conditioner.

It is so refreshing to find a hair care line that lives up to the modern label “Green.” What a fabulous way to celebrate Earth Day and care for your hair! Happy Earth Day! Go green and stay fabulous.