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Dior Pink Sakura similar nail polish colors

dior pink sakura nail polish similar colors dupes affordable versions

Dior Pink Sakura similar nail polish colors from top: Dior Pink Sakura (currently sold out) / Essie Coastal Couture (in stock, under $10) / Essie Sunset Soiree (in stock, under $10) / Chanel Coralium (designer under $30) /

Dior nail polish sells out fast! If you love a color, it’s imperative you snap it up right away. Of course, that isn’t always possible, and I get it. I lost track of how many times I have missed out on a beautiful Dior nail polish color simply because it sold out before I could get to it. It’s hard being a nail polish fan!

Thankfully, one of my readers reached out and asked about similar hues for Dior Pink Sakura nail polish; a color from Dior’s spring 2021 beauty collection. Since my original post receives a lot of traffic, I suspect a lot of you have been searching for a similar hue too! So, I looked at my favorite nail polish brands, Dior, Chanel, and Essie, and I found a few similar hues to Dior Pink Sakura. If you missed out on the original, never fear, the similar hues are here!

Shop similar nail polish colors to Dior Pink Sakura online:

You might be wondering why I placed this post in my Designer or Deal thread. Well, since Dior is designer, and Essie is a deal, I felt like it fit. I hope you think so too 🙂

Which similar color do you like best? I hope this post helps, and stay tuned! I am un-patiently waiting for Dior’s summer nail polish collection to arrive. As soon as it does I hope to snap it up and share it with you!. Chanel too!

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Designer or deal gold holiday nail polish

holiday nail polish trends

Designer or deal? Gold holiday nail polish: Chanel holiday nail polish (under $50) / Essie gold nail polish (under $10) /

Gold nail polish is a hot trend this holiday season. While you may love Chanel’s version, you might be looking to spend less this holiday season. Essie has a similar gold nail polish hue, and it’s under $10! Love that!

Whether you decide to save or splurge on gold nail polish this holiday season, your nails will look festive and fabulous!

Shop gold nail polish online:

What do you think of the gold nail polish trend?

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High end flat iron | top of the line or deal

High-end flat iron: top of line or top brand deal: Top of line (almost $500) / Top brand (under $100) /

I cannot believe this flat iron is priced at under $100! Most of this brands models are priced over $100, and it is a go-to in salons. I have had mine for years, and I paid around $150. This 1″ version is well under $100, making it an amazing deal for a top quality flat iron. Love that!

Of course, there is always the top of line flat iron, which looks chic and delivers great results. Despite the low price, the flat iron by this top brand is great at maintaining a moderate temperature to protect your hair, and it too, delivers great results. Plus, the ceramic plates protect your hair from the heat, and from drying out. It’s a safe and easy way to flat iron your hair. I really love mine!

If you are looking for a flat iron, I highly recommend this great deal!

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