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Designer or Deal casual tote

affordable version the row margaux

Designer or deal casual tote: designer tote / affordable tote (under $1000) /

This beautiful, soft tote bag from The Row is hotter than hot right now. The catch? It is really expensive! If you don’t mind the price, go for it. The Row Margaux is a beautiful, investment handbag which can be worn for a lifetime. But, if the price is a bit of a shock, there is a similar version in suede which is priced under $1000. Love that!

While the suede version looks floppier in the photos, keep in mind the handbag from The Row is soft leather which gets floppy after being worn for awhile, so they are more apples to apples than the photos suggest.

Which one do you prefer? Designer or deal?

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Designer or Deal Mary Janes

mary janes shoes trend

Designer or Deal Mary Janes: Designer pair / Name Brand Pair /

Have you noticed? Mary Janes are hot right now. This classic shoe style began gaining momentum last year, and this year it is everywhere! The most sought-after pair of Mary Janes is the version produced by Prada, but instead of showing you a pair of shoes which are always out of stock, and to be frank, look like the majority of other Mary Janes on the market, I am showing you a moderately priced designer pair as well as a more affordable pair from one of my favorite brands.

The Mary Jane is a fabulous shoe style for the fall season. While you find both flat versions and 3″ versions of the Mary Janes on store shelves, the ultimate style this fall season offers a 1-2″ block heel. This is the perfect height because you can wear it for longer periods of time, and if you have foot issues like me, the shorter block heel offers more support than a flat shoe, and less pain than a traditional high heel with a 3″ heel. Love this!

This season, the traditional Mary Jane with one strap is the most sought-after style, but there are several other versions on the market if you’d like to spice things up. Personally, I love this affordable pair with two straps. It is the one I purchased for the fall season! You may also see versions with an ankle strap which are reminiscent of the Valentino Tango pump. So, if you have a pair in backstock, pull them forward! You can rock those this fall too! I have a pair I plan to pull out in red! Love!

Shop Mary Janes for fall online:

Another fun fact about Mary Janes shoes is that you can pair them with wide leg trousers, not jeans, as an alternative to loafers. They also play well with any hemline. I am look forward to wearing Mary Janes this fall season! What do you think of this shoe trend?

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Designer or Deal structured hobo

structured hobo it bags fall 2021 affordable hobo

Designer or Deal structured hobos from top: hot designer IT bag / moderate priced, also a hot IT bag / affordable version under $100 /

The structured hobo is one of the hottest handbag silhouettes of the year. This IT bag style is being spotted on the streets, runways, and pretty much everywhere! The structured hobo was a huge handbag trend back in the mid to late 1990s, and it has returned with a vengeance! So, move over pouch clutch, the structured hobo is here!

The hottest structured hobo bag is priced well over $1000, and it sells out almost as quickly as it is placed on a store shelf. This makes it both pricey, and hard to get! Thankfully, there is an IT bag brand which offers equally hot-on-the-street bags for well under $1000. Mansur Gavriel has debuted their own version of the structured hobo, and it is already proving to be a hot IT bag. You can read my review here.

Of course, even a moderate priced bag can be pricey. This version for under $100 offers the same IT silhouette of the structured hobo for an affordable price. Love that!

Shop designer or deal structured hobos online:

Which style is your favorite? Are you rocking the structured hobo this season?

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