2023 year in review

Goodbye 2023 Hello 2024

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Well, snap! This is the hardest Goodbye-Hello post I have had to write! 2023 was all about investment dressing, classic lines, and staying far away from logos. 2024 is kinda the same! So, I will do my best to find things to say Goodbye to! Here goes!

Goodbye 2023

Viva Magenta: Did this color ever take off? Not really. Bye-bye!

Bright hues: Neon and ultra bright hues are done. Look for a softer color palette as we move into the new year.

Distressed jeans: Torn jeans are over. Look for more classic washes in 2024.

Flashy jewelry: Time to store your flashy jewels and over-the-top jewelry. As we move into a slower economy, flashing expensive jewelry is considered gauche.

Logo handbags: Not sure why I have to repeat this, but I still see a handful of people wearing them. Store your logo-wear, it’s over.

Funky colored hair: No more green, blue, pink or other colors in your hair. Hair color should be natural and soft.

Hello 2024

Peach Fuzz: Are you peachy over Peach Fuzz? Soft colors and pastel hues are going to be hot this year! Look for peachy hues in 2024.

Soft hues: Soft hues are what’s hot! Look for softer neutrals and colors as we move into the spring season.

Clean jeans: No more tears! Jeans this year are whole, without parts missing. Take note.

Investment jewelry: As the economy slows down, it is time to invest in timeless, understated jewelry. Look for clean hoops, quiet bracelets and earrings, and smaller necklaces.

Doctor bags: The emerging trend in handbags is the return of the doctor bag. Think dome shaped bags, rhombus shaped bags, and the Givenchy Antigona; all with two tops handles.

Natural hued hair: Stick with hair color found in nature as we move into the new year. No more unnatural colors which only look good for three days after you dyed your hair. Look for hair color found on people’s heads.

Well, there you have it! Goodbye 2023, and hello 2024! What are you excited about in the new year?

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Top posts 2023

It is almost over! 2023 flew by, and just like that, we are moving into 2024. Where is the time going? It seems like each year moves faster and faster! Slow down!

Well, this year was all about handbags, nail polish, color trends, and tips and tricks when it came to your favorite content on the blog. Thank you so much for reading my articles and supporting my website! I appreciate you!

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2023 was an amazing year, looking forward to more amazing nail polish, handbags, color trends, and style trends as we move into the new year!

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Best of BAF Weekly IT List 2023

top selling products 2023

The best of the BAF Weekly IT List from top left: black satchel / Chanel nail polish, pink, lavender, blue / blue sweater / golden hoops / silver bracelet / green handbag / black shoulder bag / caramel hobo bag / black boots / straw tote / top handle bag /

Well, it is quite obvious that 2023 was all about chic, timeless style with a little bit of sass on our nails; with the exception of pink, that is a very classic hue!

As we move into the new year, timeless handbags, clothing and accessories will continue to rule the fashion landscape. We will also start to see more pastels as we move into spring and summer mixed in with soft neutrals. What is interesting about this, is that you already shopped this way in 2023! So, chances are, your wardrobe is ready for the new year. Isn’t investment dressing fabulous? Love!

The best of the BAF Weekly IT List 2023:

What were your favorite buys in 2023?

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