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Fall 2021 hair care

fall hair care 2021

Fall 2021 hair care from left: shampoo / conditioner / oil treatment / hair dryer / shampoo in bottom photo /

My fall 2021 hair care routine is fairly simple. My hair is dry from the summer, so I am looking for moisture and anti-breakage help. This shampoo and conditioner pair are fortified to help stop breakage and strengthen my hair. The shampoo pictured below, is also one that I use. It is perfect for my dry hair and helps add moisture. Love that!

Since my hair is dry from being out in the sun, wind, and swimming pool, my old stand-by of Moroccan Oil is ideal for adding moisture back into my hair; as well as controlling it! This oil smooths down my unruly hair.

One thing people don’t often think about is their hair dryer. Not all hair dryers are equal! You might be looking at my choice of the Dyson hair dryer and thinking it is overpriced-but I can assure you, it is worth every penny. This hair dryer does not dry out hair. It does not damage hair. It is soft and gentle, leaving my hair healthy. Even when I travel, I take it with me! I no longer use the hotel hair dryer. I can’t go back. This hair dryer is the holy grail of hair care, and I highly recommend investing in one!

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What are your favorite hair care products for the fall season?

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