BAF Weekly IT List

BAF Weekly IT List from top left: top handle satchel / Chanel nail polish / Dior spring nail polish / magenta sweater (under $100) / makeup bag / black shoulder bag / large hoop earrings (under $100) / green handbag / moon shaped bag / suede boots /

January is shaping up to be a month of shades of pink, red, and the color of 2023, Viva Magenta! If you haven’t snapped up a bit of this color, why not look at this cozy sweater? It’s well under $100 and perfect for the current weather. Love!

As the trends for the new year start to emerge, we are seeing classic nail polish, quiet handbags, and happy colors. The new year will be bright, chic, and unfussy. Love that!

Stay tuned! I will be writing about the handbags trends of 2023 next week on the blog.

Thanks for stopping by, and stay fabulous.