BAF Weekly IT List

BAF Weekly IT List from top left: chocolate brown top / Chanel nail polish / Chanel winter nail polish / Dior spring nail polish / black shoulder bag / green handbag / foundation powder / golden hoops / faux fur boots / caramel top handle bag / black trousers /

January is the perfect time to invest in beautiful, classic pieces. As we move towards spring, it will be easy to add trendy accessories, or mix and match what we already have in our closets to create the “look of the moment.” This not only saves time, but it saves money, and keeps our overall looks chic. Love that!

Wanna know what’s hot? Lavender and lilac nail polish! That’s what! Dior has a beautiful lilac nail polish for spring, while Chanel has a fabulous shade from last year which is selling like hot cakes this year. So, if you bought Chanel’s version last year, you’re set! If not, you have two beautiful shades to choose from; one from Chanel, and one from Dior. If you’re going for a more classic hue, Chanel’s winter pink is really pretty.

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