Dior nail polish holidays 2022 review

dior nail polish holidays 2022 review

Dior nail polish holidays 2022 from left: Dior Mystic / Dior Cosmic top coat / Dior Fortune /

Can you believe the holiday season is fast approaching? This year has really flown by! The new Dior holiday nail polish collection has arrived, and instead of the Diorific collection which Dior has released in holiday seasons’ past, they have given us three, new and beautiful nail polish hues from their regular Dior nail polish collection for the festive season. Love!

The Dior holiday nail polish collection includes a sparkling, classic cherry red nail polish along with a deep, sparkling berry polish. In addition to sparkling nail polish colors, there is also a soft, golden, sparkling top coat which deposits just the right amount of glitter on top of your manicure. So, if the sparkles from Fortune and Mystic are not enough, you can add to them with Cosmic!

If you already own a dark berry or red nail polish you plan to wear for the holiday season, you can add some festive flair to it with Dior Cosmic top coat. This is a great holiday top coat to add to any nail polish. It adds some fun to your nails as well as the strength of a top coat. If you only get one bottle from this collection, make it Cosmic since you can create multiple holiday nail looks with it. Love that!

So, without further ado, here are the nail polish colors from the Dior holiday 2022 collection.

Dior nail polish holidays 2022 | Dior Fortune

dior fortune nail polish holidays 2022

How pretty is this sparkling cherry red? It is a beautiful red hue with subtle sparkles embedded in the polish. It is perfect for the holiday season. I am looking forward to wearing this nail polish to holiday parties. Love!

Dior nail polish holidays 2022 | Dior Mystic

dior mystic nail polish holiday 2022 beauty collection

I love a vampy nail polish, and Dior Mystic nail polish is delivering! This mysterious, dark berry nail polish with subtle sparkles is perfect for everyday wear during the holiday season. It adds some sparkle to an outfit with a fall/winter hue that has been adapted for the holidays with sparkles. Love sparkles! I look forward to wearing this as an everyday nail polish.

Dior nail polish holidays 2022 | Dior Cosmic top coat

Dior Cosmic top coat holidays 2022

How fabulous is this top coat! I love Dior Cosmic top coat for the holiday season. It can be worn over any nail polish from your collection, creating an instant holiday look. This will be fun for parties and New Year’s. Keep scrolling to see Cosmic top coat paired with Dior Mystic nail polish. Love that!

So, what do you think of the Dior nail polish holidays 2022 collection? Which color is your favorite?

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