Summer 2022 fitness routine

summer fitness

wearing: summer weight jacket / short sleeve blue top / leggings / summer nail polish / running shoes /

Summer is here, and just because school is out for summer, does not mean we can relax on our fitness schedule! Our bodies need to continue staying fit and healthy. So this summer, my fitness routine hasn’t changed much from the spring.

I am still dealing with a healing hip and plantar fasciitis. Therefore, I need to keep my fitness low impact and ensure it has core and hip strengthening exercises intertwined. In addition to strength, my routine incorporates enough cardio to help keep the forty pounds I lost last year-off! Thankfully I have been maintaining my new weight through exercise and staying away from sugar.

One of the reasons I am healthy is because I was able to get my BMI into a normal range. People knock BMI, but unless you are extremely muscular, BMI helps ensure your weight is in a healthy range. There are so many problems that can occur with an unhealthy weight. Weight can affect joints, heart health, cardiovascular health, and more. It is so important to stay healthy!

So, without further ado, here is my summer fitness routine:

Monday: BodyCombat (cardio)

Tuesday: Les Mills Core and yoga (strength, stretch)

Wednesday: Cycle class (cardio)

Thursday: Treadmill, weights, core (cardio and strength)

Friday: 30 min. walk

Saturday: hike, swim or walk

Sunday: hike, swim, or walk

That’s it! It’s a fun routine and incorporates outdoor exercise to take advantage of summer. What is your fitness routine this summer?

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