National Denim Day 2022

national denim day 2022

From top left: stripe tee and beige denim / blue blazer over jeans / bright pink tee and jeans / black blazer and jeans /

It is National Denim Day 2022, and this is a national, fashion-related day, which is important to stop and think about. Back in 1998, an Italian court overturned an assault conviction because the victim had worn tight jeans. This is the classic “blame the victim” strategy we have been hearing for centuries. It doesn’t matter what you are wearing, and if you are outside accidently without anything on, then it still doesn’t matter. No-one has the right to touch you, or worse. Without consent, it is a crime.

Therefore, today is the day to rock those jeans! You don’t have to wear tight ones, not everyone owns tight jeans nor has the ability to withstand tight jeans all day. I know I don’t! My jeans are loose! So, put on your favorite pair of jeans, loose or tight, or in-between, and wear them with pride all day long to help raise awareness to this issue.

Despite stemming from a court ruling in 1998, this is a problem we still deal with now, in 2022. This is why National Denim Day is important. We need to continue to raise awareness to this issue and change the mindset of our population. It doesn’t matter what you wear, no-one has the right to touch you. Case closed.

My favorite jeans of the moment to add to your denim wardrobe:

Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to wear denim today!