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Goodbye 2021 and Hello 2022

goodbye 2021 and hello 2022

The year 2021 is coming to a close, and what a year it was! Things reopened, yet life wasn’t quite what it was back in 2019; did any of us think we would long for 2019? Ugh, well, I digress. . .

As 2021 comes to an end, let’s celebrate what is behind is, and what we have to look forward to in 2022.

Goodbye 2021

Yellow and grey: The mixture of happy yellow and depressing grey is so last year. Thank goodness this oxymoron of a color combo is done.

Loud logo handbags: Stop advertising your faux designer bag from the swap meet. The louder the logo, the faker it looks. Logo bags should be sold or stored in the back of your closet. If you had a weak moment, and purchased a fake one, destroy it. Nobody wants that.

Crazy fingernails: Those long, overdone nails were never really in. Stop trying to make them happen, they aren’t going to happen.

Ugly comfort sandals: These are so done. Donate your wannabe comfort shoes and invest in real comfort shoes or add orthotics to your insole. Ugly shoes are so last year.

Hello 2022

Very peri: Loving this pretty purple-blue hue! Look for shades of purple and blue in 2022, as well as all the colors of the rainbow. It will be a happy and bright year! Love!

Classic handbags continue: Look for hobos, micro-mini bags, top handle satchels, pouch bags, and small tote bags. Handbags are chic in 2022, and they offer clean lines. Love that!

Clean nails: Simple manicures and shorter nail lengths are hotter than hot this new year as we all need hands that function. Plus, understated yet colorful is in.

Beautiful footwear: Look for chic shoes, simple designs, and authentic styles. If you want a Birkenstock look, buy the actual Birkenstocks, not the wannabe pair. Also, if you need some support, add insoles to your shoes. You can get custom insoles from your doctor. Everything fabulous is comfortable too.

Well, that’s it. The list is short this year because 2021 was a move towards classic and chic dressing. As we move into 2022, we will see more classic and chic dressing combined with cheery colors and happy combinations. Cheers to the new year!

Thanks for stopping by and have a fabulous new year!