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The return of the soft hobo

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Wearing: sunglasses / large hoop earrings (under $100) / small red soft hobo bag / black long sleeve top (on major sale!) / fall nail polish / G buckle belt / dark wash skinny jeans / ivory faux fur boots /

Well, the return of the soft hobo bag is here! The last couple of years we have watched as the structured hobo bag remerged from IT bag hibernation. As it became one of the most important styles in the handbag world over the past year, the soft hobo decided to join it, and return to the world of must-have handbags; and I’m here for it!

The soft hobo is the ultimate street style IT bag. This handbag style has a naturally casual vibe to it, and soft hobo bags also happen to be extremely popular as an everyday, go-to handbag. This makes the soft hobo bag very common on the streets, and well loved by people everywhere. This is the people’s handbag.

Soft hobo bags were extremely popular in the 1990s, and they trickled into the early 2000s. Sadly, they were replaced by the rise of the structured satchel which enjoyed popularity for well over a decade. As the structured satchel moves back into office-gear, the hobo bag remerges as the bag to own.

Hobo bags are fabulous because they are lightweight, can be worn on the shoulder, and can easily be placed on your lap, or behind you on a chair while at a restaurant. They are easy, everyday handbags which generally fit everything we all need to carry around on a daily basis. Love that!

Structured hobos reemerged first, and they were a great transition from the satchel since they offer a structured silhouette which can be worn casual or dressy, as well as with office attire. As we move into 2022, we are looking to expand our hobo bag wardrobes, and the soft hobo bag fits the bill. This unfussy handbag style gives us a go-to, casual look which has an effortless, chic vibe. Plus, who doesn’t love the soft fabrication of the hobo bag?! Love!

Although I have a large, soft black hobo in my archives, I wanted something smaller, with a pop of color. My clothing choices have been neutral and dark lately, so adding some color to my capsule through a handbag seemed like a fun way to jump into the soft hobo bag trend. Isn’t this a pretty red?

I love this small, soft hobo bag for everyday use. You can check out my review here. It has an effortless chic vibe which I love; especially when I really don’t want to try! haha

This top and jeans are my go-to look right now. I have been changing it up with different shoes and handbags. I wore this look to go Christmas shopping with my daughters the other day, and we also popped into Din Tai Fung for some yummy dumplings. My bag fit nicely underneath my napkin, on my lap. If you are always wondering where to put your bag when you dine out, check out my post about it here.

What are your thoughts on the soft hobo trend emerging for the new year? Are you excited about it too? Do you plan to rock it?

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