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Chunky knit sweater and jeans

Wearing: sunglasses / statement earrings / fall lipstick / pink scarf (under $100) / chunky knit sweater / black long sleeve top / G buckle belt / charcoal jeans / caramel structured hobo bag (IT bag under $1000) / fall nail polish / lug sole loafers /

There’s nothing like cozy sweater weather! This chunky knit sweater is perfect for cool days, and for staying cozy. It’s chunky, not too warm, and ideal for fall days. Layer it with a long sleeve tee, and this chunky knit cardigan sweater can easily work throughout the fall and winter seasons. Love it!

I wore this cozy fall outfit the other day to wander around Stanford Shopping Center, and enjoy a delicious lunch at Neiman Marcus Cafe. I haven’t enjoyed a meal there since pre-covid; so it was definitely a treat! I mean, who doesn’t look forward to the consume and puff as an appetizer? They’re iconic!

My Mom enjoyed the tacos, and I ordered the special, which was a lobster sandwich. As always, our food was very yummy. Neiman’s Cafe can do no wrong! At least, in my opinion.

This was a meal we had both looked forward to as a post-covid shut-down goal. It was so nice to be able to go back for lunch! Which restaurants and/or places did you look forward to when everything started to open back up?

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chunky knit sweater and jeans