Fall 2021 nail polish trends

fall 2021 nail polish trends

Fall 2021 nail polish trends from top left: putty / brown / dark brown / dark red / medium red / putty-red / bright red / pink red / iridescent lilac / iridescent green / iridescent berry /

Fall 2021 nail polish is here, and the colors are fabulous. The fall 2021 season is all about either funky neutrals, or space-age hues. Perhaps the current obsession with going to Mars is rubbing off on the fashion world! Thought to ponder. . .but I digress. . .

Chanel and Dior always have amazing colors in their collections, and the fall 2021 season is no exception. I am in love with their take on fall nail polish for the 2021 season. There is a color for everyone, and every occasion. Love that!

Work in a professional environment? No problem! You can go with putty for an understated yet fresh neutral hue. If red is allowed, you can choose the red that speaks to you. Dark? Pinkish? Bright? There is a red for every red nail polish fan!

Do you work in a creative environment, or from home? Are you always seeking the newest, funkiest color of the season? You’re a space-age girl like me! I plan to alternate between the iridescent hues Dior has put out for fall, and the dark brown from Chanel. Love!

Looking for swatches? Check out my reviews of the above colors: Chanel, Dior.

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Which fall nail polish trend is your favorite?

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