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Small Business Saturday gift ideas 2020

small business saturday gift ideas

Small Business Saturday gift ideas from top left: floral earrings (under $100) / sparkling earrings (under $50) / chunky throw blanket (under $200) (Under $50 option here) / holiday candles (under $25) / key necklace (under $50) / blue and green scarf (under $50) /

One of my favorite shopping days of the year is Small Business Saturday. It is really important to support small businesses, not just on this day every year, but all year long. Small businesses fuel our economy, and are the heart of our community. There is a commercial on television which mentions small businesses support local families, and help families pay for things like sport for their children, and even tuition. I love that, because it’s true! It’s nice to know, when we shop small business, we are supporting our neighbors and keeping our communities alive and healthy.

So, without further ado, here are a few gift ideas from some of my favorite small businesses from around our beautiful country.

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What are some of your favorite small businesses?

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