Diorific nail polish holidays 2020

Diorific by Dior nail polish and lipstick holidays 2020: Diorific Red Wonders nail polish / Diorific Golden Snow glitter top coat / Diorific Dark Nights nail polish / Diorific Glittery Rose lipstick / Diorific Dazzling Beige lipstick /

Ah, the Diorific nail polish collection by Dior for the 2020 holiday season is here!  If you are interested in this collection, don’t wait to order! It has already sold out at the original retailer I purchased the collection at. I have linked to a retailer who has the entire collection in stock right now! I highly recommend ordering now so that you will have it in time for the holiday season; whether it is for yourself or you are giving it as a holiday gift.

I am still waiting for my Diorific Dark Nights package to arrive, so I don’t have my swatch photo for you yet. The shop I purchased it from is now sold out, but I have linked to an online store in this post where you can still find the collection in stock. Once I receive Diorific Dark Nights nail polish, I will quickly update this post to include a photograph. Please stay tuned and thank you for your patience!

I am absolutely in love with this sparkling collection for the holiday season. The glittering top coat is festive and beautiful. Diorific Golden Snow top coat took me a little bit surprise. The bottle appears white and silvery, but when you apply the top coat over your nail polish, it turns out to be a medium gold glitter! I guess I should have know it would be gold from the name! You can see the contrast in the photo below where I paired Golden Snow with Red Wonders. It’s the perfect holiday combo!

Diorific nail polish Holidays 2020 / Diorific Red Wonders

diorific red wonders nail polish holidays 2020

How pretty is Diorific Red Wonders nail polish from the Diorific nail polish holidays 2020 collection! It’s a classic holiday red which can be worn all ear long if you are a red fan. It has a slightly cherry tone, making it pretty and feminine. Love this holiday hue!

Diorific nail polish Holidays 2020 / Diorific Dark Nights

Stay tuned! My shipment is on it’s way-as soon as I receive the bottle in the mail I will add my review and swatch photo to this post. Thank you for your patience.

Diorific nail polish Holidays 2020 / Diorific Golden Snow

diorific golden snow glitter top coat nail polish holidays 2020

Isn’t Diorific Golden Snow top coat fabulous! It’s a rich, glittery gold top coat which looks amazing over the Diorific Red Wonders nail polish. I am in love with this holiday combo! I cannot wait to try it over Dark nights. Stay tuned for that photo!

All in all, the Diorific nail polish collection for the holiday 2020 season is beautiful I hope you love this collection as much as I do! I can’t wait to share Dark Nights with you when I receive it!

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