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BAF Weekly IT List from top left: blue sweater (avl in other colors too) / vanilla honey body butter / fall nail polish / square toe pump / soft grey satchel /

The weekly IT list is here! This week, temperatures in some parts of the country have started to cool off, so stocking up on cozier clothing, such as sweaters, is a must! This fabulous blue sweater is perfect for everyday wear; and it has a classic, slouchy silhouette. I love mine in blue, but there are other colors available too.

As temperatures start to cool down, I love indulging in warmer fragrances. This honey vanilla body butter has a warm gourmand scent which is perfect for the fall season. It has just the right combination of comfort and warmth; of course, the body butter itself is amazingly moisturizing. Love it!

Of course, are you really dressed without fabulous nails? Nope! If you haven’t already, don’t forget to snap up this beautiful fall nail polish from Chanel for the fall season. It’s a deep red you can wear now and throughout the holiday season. Love!

These square toe, stamped croc pumps are amazing! Stamped croc is a huge footwear trend this fall season, and so is the square toe! Not only that, these pumps are actually walkable and comfortable. I love mine. Plus, they are under $200. Whaaa-aaat?! Yes, they are all that, and they are just plain fabulous.

I am still planning on purchasing this grey slouchy satchel from Givenchy. It’s the newest incarnation of the design house’s popular and classic Antigona collection. Hopefully Santa will bring it to me this holiday season! If you are looking for a fabulous bag you can wear casually and everyday, this is the current IT bag you need now. It also happens to be a great investment purchase, so you don’t have to feel like it’s a one season deal. Love that!

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You might be wondering where the Designer or Deal feature is this week. I have decided to break it out into it’s own post. The designer or Deal posts will occur every Sunday morning; so be on the lookout for the newest, most fabulous, deal of the week this Sunday!

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