Handbag gift ideas 2018

holiday gift guide handbag it bag gift ideas 2018

Holiday Gift Guide handbag gift ideas 2018 from top left: circle Gucci bag / red cross body bag (under $200) / Gucci Marmont camera bag (under $1000) / rainbow shoulder bag (very on trend-IT bag!) / tan hobo bag (IT bag for the minimalist on your list and under $1000) / Gucci satchel / classic red tote bag (great for work, beach, school, or parents-under $350) / tan shoulder bag (hot IT bag from the Paris runways!!)

This is my absolute favorite gift guide to create every holiday season! Handbags are my jam! I would love love love to find every single one of these handbags under the tree this Christmas, alas, that won’t happen. I will ask Santa for the fabulous tan shoulder bag at the bottom of the above graphic. I am also loving that understated hobo-perhaps in black? It comes in so many fabulous neutrals! I swing back and forth on the understated handbag look, back to the IT bag look. I just love all genre’s of bags!

When shopping for a handbag this holiday gift giving season, be sure to write down a few things about the person you are shopping for. First, what is your handbag budget? Second, is she understated, or does she love flashing the hottest IT bag in town? What is her lifestyle? Does she need a roomy bag for the office, or for carrying a lot of her kids things? Maybe she is young and needs a fun going-out-at-night bag! Once you have answered these questions, then you can focus on what to get her!

For someone who needs a smaller bag, check out these cross body bags, and shoulder bags below:

If you are shopping for someone who needs a roomy bag, then the bags below are what you’re looking for:

Is she a fashionista in need of an IT bag? These are the bags for her:

Is she understated or into minimalism? You should snag her one of these:

Looking for something within budget? These bags are priced under $100:

Dear Santa, I would love any or all of the bags in the shopping widget below, under the tree this Christmas. Thank you!

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Which handbag gift is on your holiday list? Be sure to forward this post to someone who needs guidance about what to get you for the holidays!

Happy holidays, and keep being fabulous!!



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