Dior nail polish holiday 2018 Diorific collection

diorific nail polish collection holiday 2018 dior nails

Dior nail polish holiday 2018 Diorific nail polish from left: Diorific Lively nail polish / Diorific Promosse nail polish / Diorific Audace nail polish / (not pictured) Diorific Triomphe nail polish /

Every holiday season, I love seeing which colors Dior has created for the most festive time of the year. The Dior holiday 2018 nail polish collection is from the Diorific collection, and includes four fabulous colors for the holidays. I am reviewing three of those colors for you, since the fourth color is a classic red; and my favorite red of the 2018 holiday season can be seen here.

The Dior nail polish holiday 2018 collection features two festive red hues, a golden party shade, and a sweet, sparkling pink. This is a fabulous array of colors for the holiday season! The two reds, Diorific Audace and Diorific Triomphe, give you a choice of which classic holiday color to wear throughout the season. The golden hue, Diorific Promesse, is ideal for holiday parties, and New Year’s Eve. Lastly, Diorific Lively is a sweet and sparkly pink, which is perfect for winter weather; yet sparkly enough to wear to holiday celebrations. Love this!

So, without further ado, here are my three favorite colors from the Dior nail polish holiday 2018 collection!

Dior Diorific nail polish holiday 2018: Dior Audace

dior diorific audace nail polish holidays 2018

Dior Audace nail polish is a beautiful, deep red hue which is ideal for moving from fall into the holiday season. It is a classic color, so it will work with any color palette your wardrobe serves up. This nail polish hue can take you from right now, into the new year. Love!

I tested out Audace by Dior with one base coat, and two coats of color. It is really long lasting, yet I found it easy to remove with nail polish remover; which cannot said for most red nail polishes!

Dior Diorific nail polish holiday 2018: Dior Lively

dior lively nail polish holiday 2018 diorific

This is my favorite color from the collection! I am not normally a pink nail polish person. I really thought the gold hue would be my favorite, but when I tested out all the colors, I fell in love with Diorific Lively. This is a medium pink with blue undertones which also features sparkles! The sparkles are not tiny bits of glitter, they are extremely dainty particles which add a festive, holiday element to an an otherwise classic pink polish.

I tested out Lively by Diorific with one base coat, and two coats of color. The polish went on smoothly, leaving a solid, streak-free color on my nails. While the Diorific application brushes bug me a little bit due their short length, it was easy to apply the polish. Lively was also quick-drying. This is something I found amazing! It dried right away, allowing me to clean up a little bit in the kitchen after polishing my nails; which is normally a big no-no in my book!

Dior Lively nail polish for the holiday 2018 season is a great everyday hue. The sparkles allow it to go from day into night; making it easy to wear to holiday soiree’s. Since pink is a classic nail polish color, Lively by Dior is also easy to wear with any color palette in your wardrobe this season. Love!

If you are looking for an easy color to wear to the office, to holidays parties, and on weekends, this is your go-to holiday hue!

Dior Diorific nail polish holiday 2018: Dior Promesse nail polish

dior promosse nail polish diorific holiday 2018 collection review

Diorific Promesse nail polish for the holiday 2018 season is surprisingly understated! Normally when you think of gold nail polish, you imagine a bright, bold, sparkling gold which borders on gauche. Promesse by Dior is none of those things! This is a pale gold hue with particle-like sparkles. It is soft and sweet, making it easy to wear during the day. Due to it’s gold hue, I also believe this is a fabulous color for New Year’s Eve!

I tested out Diorific Promesse nail polish with one base coat and two coats of color. The polish goes on smoothly, and is not dense. I could easily have applied three coats since the polish is not opaque. If red or pink isn’t your thing, and you want something fun this holiday 2018 season, then Dior Promesse nail polish is your color!

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This is a well-done holiday nail polish collection by Dior. The colors are classic yet festive; and easy for everyone to wear! Which color will you choose?

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dior holiday 2018 nail polish collection diorific

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