What’s new in my April beauty bag

from top left: lip glosses c/o Urban Decay / eye shadow palette c/o Urban Decay / lipsticks c/o L’Oreal Paris / rose gold hair clip /

Happy April! Now that spring is here, it is time to move into a spring color palette. I wear the same cocoa eye liner all year long, but I like to switch up my eye shadow and lipsticks as the seasons change. I love these new lip glosses from Urban Decay, and these new sheer lipsticks from L’Oreal Paris are perfect for the warmer weather. They are offered in fabulous colors, and moisturize my lips. Love that!

I love lipstick hues in shades of pink and purple. These pink and purple shades from Urban Decay and L’Oreal Paris are perfect for the spring! They are vivid enough to be seen, and light enough to blend with spring 2018’s color palette. Love!

When it comes to eye shadows, I tend to stick with neutrals. I love this eye shadow palette from Urban Decay. It has a wide range of neutral colors which can take me from day to night. The three light shades are my favorite; and are my go-to colors daily!

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What are your favorite spring eye shadow colors and lipstick hues? Do you switch up your eye liner, or stick to one color no matter the season?

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