Cult Gaia Luna bag review

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pictured: Cult Gaia Luna bag in natural / iPhone 7 case / lipstick

Cult Gaia has a new bag! The new Luna bag by Cult Gaia comes at a time when the fashion brand is enjoying success from their Ark bag which was a rare IT bag priced under $200 in 2017, and is showing no sign of slowing down in 2018; it is still hotter then hot right now! The company’s new, resort-worthy bag is ideal for completing warm weather outfits; and it offers a circle silhouette which is a hot trend in handbags.

The Cult Gaia Luna bag is a small handbag made from Bamboo. It is perfect for holding purse essentials such as a wallet, phone, keys, and lipstick. The interior is one compartment which offers enough room for necessities that are kept safe by a flip up wooden lid. If you don’t want people to see what is inside the bag, you can place a scarf inside to cover up the bag contents.

The strap is unusual, and offers unique style which is both fun, and whimsical. It can be worn hand-held, as a bracelet bag, or over the shoulder. I love how the wooden balls vary in size from the body of the bag to the center of the strap. It is an amazing design detail!

The Luna bag by Cult Gaia is a great way to add a little vacation vibe to any ensemble. I love how it adds a bit of sunshine on a cold winter day to an outfit. Aside from being worn on the street, the Cult Gaia Luna bag will be perfect for any vacation getaways, beach days, and poolside this upcoming spring, and summer seasons. Love it!

In addition to the natural version of the Cult Gaia Luna bag, there is a black version available which offers a strap that has varying colors with one size of balls from end to end. I definitely have my eye on the black version. It would be perfect as a summer or vacation evening bag!

I love this bag, and am having fun wearing it now; in the dead of winter! I can’t wait to wear it more often as the weather warms up later in the year. It will be a great compliment to any warm weather look!

The Cult Gaia Luna bag in natural can be found online here. The black version, which is cross body, can be found online here.

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