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Goodbye 2017 and hello to 2018

floral sneakers / statement earrings (I have these in blue and love them!)

The end of 2017 is near! This means we can wave goodbye to the fashion trends we loathed, as well as might be a little sad to see go. At the same time, we can welcome in new trends from the runways, and the streets, for 2018! We may love some, and then, we may be skeptical of others; um is anyone else frightened of the fanny pack? Can it go the way of fetch? But I digress. . .

Goodbye 2017 trends

Greenery: Ah, green, where did you go? Like leaves fall off the trees in the autumn months, you disappeared with the start of the winter frost.

Bangles: Well, I loved this bangle trend, but it sure was fleeting! It didn’t even last through summer. Ah well, onto the next!

Ear crawlers, and multiple earring piercings: Like the 90’s, this trend is like, so over. Single pair moving forward ladies!

Loud Logos: We get it, It’s Gucci. We get it, it’s Louis Vuitton. And yes, we can see it’s Chanel. Now stop telling all the muggers what you’re wearing. 2017 is so over, and so are logos; return them to the swap meet.

Guitar Straps: Well, that was fast. This never really made it from the runway to the streets. Keep the strap your bag came with, it’s classic, chic, and not so fleeting.


Hello 2018 trends

Fanny packs: Kill me now.

Ultra-Violet: This is the most beautiful shade of purple! In 2018, you aren’t limited to just this shade of purple, light and dark purple will be your friends too. Love this hue!

Trench Coats: This classic, chic topper is back! Pull out that Burberry trench from storage, it’s hotter then hot in the new year.

Clutches: The daytime clutch is back! Please thank it for saving us from the fanny pack.

Small floral prints: Florals are so ground-breaking, AmIRight? For 2018 they are! Tight and small floral prints are all the rage in 2018. You can store your large floral prints, they are so last year.

Pencil skirts: Oh yes, this skirt from your old office suit in the 1990s is returning with a vengeance in 2018. Practice the walk ladies, and wiggle it, just a little bit. 😉 (please don’t laugh if I fall, my wiggle is out of practice! haha)

Dresses: This feminine staple is back. Simplicity is key in 2018. This is the continuing menswear trends’s yang, to it’s ying. Stock up on dresses-stat!

There you have it! The trends we are leaving behind, and a sample of  the new trends we are looking forward to in 2018, well, excluding the fanny pack. For a laugh, check out this post from last year.

Which fashion trends are you excited to leave behind? Which ones are you looking forward to in the new year?

Happy New Year!