Goodbye 2016 and hello to the trends of 2017

turquoise statement necklace / zebra stripe loafers / Gucci slides in black / mixed metal bangles

The time has come to bid farewell to 2016. It was a quite a year indeed! Some fashion trends were fabulous, while others . . .hmmmm . . . not so much. Here is a guide to help know what you need to store in the back of your closet, and what you to buy for your closet.

Goodbye 2016!

Rose Quartz/Serenity: Gone are the days when the color of the year has share the title. Mixing baby blue and pink is so year. Buh-bye!

Statement necklaces: While some classic versions will be having their place in the new year, the statement necklace is over.

Earring jackets: This 1980s trend came and went faster than you can “What?” Did you notice it? It was pretty quiet. Store them in your jewelry box for the next time your friends host a 1980s-themed soiree.

Shoes with backs: Covered heels are so 2016. Buff and moisturize your heels, they will be shown off in the new year.

Standard handbag straps: Is that strap your handbag came with still on your bag? That’s so last year. Switch out that strap with a funky guitar strap.

Knee length, a-line skirts: Gone are the days of your hemline hitting at your knees. That’s so 2016. In 2017, it’s all about mini’s, maxi’s or asymmetrical hems which have a length you cannot define.

Hello 2017!

Greenery: 2017 is all about going green! Think calm, natural, and mixed in prints. That’s right! Although the color of the years gets to enjoy the title alone, it is not a solid color. Greenery is part of something bigger, it is part of a print.

Layered and delicate necklace: 2017 is all about the uptick in the delicate, layered necklace trend. While not a new trend, it will enjoy its moment in the spotlight in 2017. Layer up guys!

Bangles: Jungle jangle it’s all about the bangle! Lightly layer up your arms with gold bangles. 2017 isn’t about 1980s, Madonna bangles up the arm, it is about 1-3, high quality bangles which are classic yet eye-catching.

Statement earrings: Since your neck won’t have a statement, your ears will! Look for big and bold earrings in the new year.

Layered earrings: While one trend is to wear gigantic, statement earrings, another is to wear delicate earrings in multiple holes on your ear. Yes, this is a late 1980s, early 1990s trend. Go retro!

Stripes: This is the hottest trend since sliced bread. 2017 is all about stripes, stripes, and more stripes! The hottest types of stripes are horizontal and mis-matched.

Slides: Your shoes should not have backs. I repeat, your shoes should not have backs.

Mixed media handbags: Handbags in 2017 are leather mixed with suede, geometric patterns, floral prints, stuck with “stickers,” and the list goes on. If it isn’t plain, it’s hot!

Street sneakers: If you don’t own a pair of Addidas yet, your entire closet is so last year. Get a pair here, or get left behind.

Denim everything: Everything on your body should be denim. Your skirt, your shirt, your dress, your shoes, your handbag; and if you can find denim underwear-wear that too! Denim people. Denim.

There you have it! If you are looking for a laugh, check out my 2015 into 2016 out with the old, in with the new post.

What trends did you love or hate in 2016? What are looking forward to in 2017?

Happy New Year!

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  • Erin

    I’m looking forward to slides to being fashionable. I like to slip them off under my desk when I’m working. haha I didn’tlike 2016’s color of the year, so green is a welcome change. Happy New Year Cathy!

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