2017 in review: five fun blogging moments

As I reflect on the past year, I have come across some great memories. 2017 was a fun year for me as a blogger. I was able to attend my first rewardStyle conference where I learned more about building a better website, industry tips, and how to be better at what I do. In addition, I grew current blogger friendships, and made some new ones! I had a well-planned trip to New York Fashion Week in February, and a last minute, “Can’t believe I was able to swing this” trip to New York Fashion Week in September.

It’s a little bit surreal to think about how hard I worked, while my personal life was so hectic in 2017! I pulled my son out of public school in September, right after fashion week, and started homeschooling him. So, during the fall season, I had to learn to juggle two home-school kids, instead of just one. What a huge adjustment that was! I had no idea how easy it was to home-school one child. Adding the second, with a completely different curriculum, created a whole new set of daily challenges. While one is learning long division, the other is learning equations with two variables. Oh my! I had to re-do my schedule, and re-work it in order to manage homeschooling a 6th grader, and a 4th grader; as well as juggle work, and still keep my house clean! Hey, I don’t mind having a gardener and a pool guy, but no-one cleans my house but me! I’m a little bit weird like that. haha

Now that I have my schedule figured out, I feel positive that 2018 will be easier to manage; and go more smoothly! So, let’s get back to what this post is actually about; my five favorite blogging memories of 2017!

Checking out the rewardStyle wall in San Francisco with Dawn

white dress under $100 san francisco

*I can’t believe we didn’t get a photo together! We have a boomerang together, but for the life of me, I can’t figure out how to upload it to my website! Please excuse the fact that I had to use two photos to reflect on this moment. I’ll post the boomerang to Instagram-so be sure to check it out there!

Pretending to be Charlie’s Angel’s at NYFW in September with Laura & Dawn

Meeting Wardrobe Oxygen in real life and forming a friendship

how to use the liketoknow.it app

Shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale with Dawn and my Mom

Braving the snow with Kali at NYFW in February

Well, you might see a theme here. My five favorite blogging moments from 2017 were all centered around the time I spent with my blogging buddies; and making a new one! I met Kali back in February 2015 while we stood in line before the ParkChoonMoo show in the tents at Lincoln Center during New York Fashion Week. We bonded over being from California, and freezing in the three degree weather! We also bonded over our love for fashion. She has been a fabulous friend over the years, and I am so happy to have met her before that 9pm, freezing show!

New York Fashion Week is a great time to make friends! I met Laura at NYFW in February 2015 when we were both trying to grab a cab to the Zimmermann show from outside Lincoln Center. We shared a cab there, and while we were driving to the show we talked, and discovered, we lived a half hour apart! The cab driver laughed at us as he realized we didn’t know each other prior to hopping into a cab together. Then he warned us about hopping into a cab with people we don’t know. haha I guess we both threw out our street smarts that day; but it was OK that one time, because we became instant friends! The following NYFW, we even roomed together!

Dawn and I met on Twitter! We followed, and interacted, with each other via social media for roughly a year before meeting in person in 2016. Then, we traveled to NYFW together! Our friendship grew in 2017, and we even planned a last minute trip to NYFW in September 2017 together. She has become a fabulous friend, whom I value so much!

I remember reading Wardrobe Oxygen from before I started my blog back in 2010. I officially “met” Alison from Wardrobe Oxygen via social media late in 2016. In January 2017, we both realized we would be attending the rewardStyle conference in April 2017, so we could finally meet in person. I was so happy to finally meet her in person! She is a GenX blogger like me, and we got along so well! It’s been so much fun getting to know her better over the past year, I look forward to continuing to get to know her in the new year!

Be sure to follow all my blogging buddies too, you can find Laura at Have-Need-Want.com, Dawn is at FashionShouldBeFun.com, Kali is at In-Spades.com, and Alison is at WardrobeOxygen.com.

What is one of your favorite work moments from 2017?



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