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chloe pixie

Chloe Pixie in size small, grey suede, from the fall 2017 collection

Chloe just keeps giving us more and more IT bags to covet! For the fall 2017 season, Chloe has given us the small Pixie handbag as the new IT bag on the street. While the Chloe Nile still holds it’s very important spot in the IT bag arena, the Chloe Pixie offers a trendier alternative for the cool weather season.

Other designers have been bringing back large, soft handbags such as the hobo for the fall season, not Chloe! The iconic French design house is sticking to what works for them; small, highly coveted handbags we all need, want, and have to have! The Chloe Pixie handbag is the latest handbag in the current IT bag line-up.

This cute little bag offers casual styling, making it perfect to wear as an everyday bag; if you don’t need to carry much. You can see the tiny interior below-

chloe pixie handbag

The inside of the Chloe Pixie offers one main compartment with an interior slip pocket. The interior slip pocket can hold credit cards, if you don’t bring a wallet; or it can hold tickets, receipts, and one stick of gum. It’s quite small.

Despite being small on the inside, the Chloe Pixie offers a lot of versatility on the outside. There are three different ways you can wear this bag. It has a strap long enough to be worn cross body, or it can be carried hand-held by the two brass top handles. The Pixie by Chloe can also be worn 1970s shoulder bag style, over the shoulder. My favorite way to wear mine is cross body. It feels secure, and since the Pixie is a small bag, it is really comfortable when worn cross body.

Here is what fits inside my small Chloe Pixie-

chloe pixie small grey suede

I can fit my wallet, my iPhone, my collection of keys (don’t laugh!), and my lipstick. My glasses do not fit inside if I carry my wallet. An alternative to carrying my regular wallet would be to use my miniature wallet, which fold bills into three parts, and does not hold cards. Credit cards could then be stored inside the interior slit pocket. This would free up enough space for sunglasses or glasses; or anything else you need to squish in there.

I only use my spare wallet when I carry an evening bag, so my preference is to carry my everyday wallet when I can. My glasses can be kept in my car if I am wearing my sunglasses, or vise-versa.

If you need more room, Chloe does have a medium size version of the Pixie which is oblong instead of a circle. Here is everything inside my small Pixie-

chloe pixie review

As you can see, it is very squished inside my Chloe Pixie. I don’t mind, as long as I am not going somewhere which requires me to carry more then my basics. If I need more space, my Chloe Nile works as a great alternative.

All in all the Chloe Pixie is a user-friendly bag; as long as you don’t need to carry a lot of things with you when you wear it. It is a casual bag which offers simple, yet on trend styling. The circular shape is very of-the-moment and may not offer a timeless look if you are looking for a long term investment bag. If you prefer a long term investment bag with modern styling, I would push you towards the Chloe Drew or Chloe Nile.

If you love the Pixie, but prefer a roomier interior, I recommend looking into the Chloe Pixie in medium. Although the silhouette is very different, it offers the same on-trend look with a more timeless silhouette; and more interior capacity! I was tempted to get the medium, but due to my current handbag collection, I felt a smaller bag was needed. The medium definitely caught my eye!

The Chloe Pixie is a hot IT bag right now. It hits all the current trends which include circle bags, satchels, and cross body bags. This is also a great everyday bag, as long as you don’t need to carry too much. I love my Chloe Pixie in small; highly recommend!

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