Can’t get enough of my . . . black top handle satchel!

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I think as a blogger, it is always fun to go through your posts and find items which reappear on a regular basis. In May, I discovered my favorite boyfriend jeans were on repeat; and I wondered if you were getting bored of them, or loving them! It was fun to write a post about how much I wear them, and love them. To this day, I still wear them often, although I am trying to not post them as much, for fear I’m boring you. What are your thoughts? Do you enjoy continuing to see an item I wear on repeat, or does it bore you to see it so often? Please weigh in with a comment!

This top handle black satchel by Givenchy has been in my closet since 2014. I found in early 2015 that is it a workhorse handbag. I wore this satchel to fashion week in February 2015, and found it was perfect for carrying my camera, as well as everything else I need to hold in my purse. I loved it so much, I purchased an Antigona in pale blue. Although the pale blue does not get worn nearly as often as the black version, it is still a workhorse and favorite bag of mine.

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There are so many things to love about my small Givenchy Antigona bag. Aside from the sturdy build, hearty sugar leather, and ideal size; this bag can be worn with almost anything, for any occasion! I carry it when I wear jeans, workout clothing, dresses, skirts, office attire, casual attire; you name it! This bag has a classic, almost-doctor-bag silhouette which offers a chic look, and timeless style. The construction is extremely sturdy; I have discovered this over the years by carrying heavy objects such as my DSLR camera. I have also found, that it is my favorite bag for getting through fashion week.

Although I love owning shoulder bags, clutches, and totes, my Givenchy Antigona satchel is my all-time favorite bag. I cannot imagine living without it. I keep it out and ready for use everyday. It fits snacks and toys for my kids, as well as work items for when I am on the go in the fashion scene. This bag has it all. When you hear the term “investment bag,” my Givenchy Antigona goes beyond the financial definition of an investment bag, for me, it is a priceless tool that gets me through the day.

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This bag transcends seasons, and trends. Like a Chanel 2.55 bag, the Givenchy Antigona is a classic. Someday I would love to add one to my collection in a neutral hue such as tan or beige.

Do you have a handbag in your closet that you can’t get enough of? I would love to hear about it!

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