Fall fitness schedule 2017

fall fitness schedule

It’s entirely possible I am trying to make a cliche heart while hiking with my family.

The fall season is here! This means it is time to adjust our fitness routines for cooler weather, and busier schedules. My schedule this fall is crazy busy, so getting my weekly workouts in can be challenging. I am homeschooling two of my three kids, plus running my business. This is in addition to my children’s extra-curricular activities which I need to drive them to and from. My schedule is jam-packed this season! It’s a miracle I made it to fashion week last month!

Since the fall season is traditionally warm here in the San Francisco Bay Area, it is my last chance to get some outdoor workouts in before the rainy season begins, and temperatures begin to fall. My fall fitness routine incorporates outdoor workouts, and indoor workouts; in order to give me a good balance of fitness.

Monday: 30 min walk around outside.

Tuesday: Spin Class (interval/aerobic)

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: BodyCombat (aerobic)

Friday: Swimming (60 min workout/aerobic/interval)

Saturday: BodyPump/Step (strength/aerobic)

Sunday: Afternoon hike-sometimes, or rest. (depends on our schedule)

This fitness routine is pretty mild. I usually like to have something a little meatier, but my schedule dictates how often I can workout, and for how long.

What types of workouts are you incorporating into your fall fitness routine this season?

My hiking outfit pictured above:

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  • Erin

    Fall is a busy time for me as well. This schedule inspires me to be regular in my workouts, thank you!

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